Monday, December 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Gingrich's Attempt To Redress Judicial Activism

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Gingrich's Attempt To Redress Judicial Activism: Wolf Howling
The EPA vs. Private Property: Townhall
Will the SCOTUS stop the EPA?: Hot Air

Obama officials say we don’t trust the government enough: Post
Who is Ron Paul, Really?: Ace
Obama more likely to lose than win again, say voters: Hill

Court: Iran, Hizballah Aided in 9/11 Attacks: BigPeace
Why the Proposed Car Cellphone Ban Is Wrong: MoneyRunner
Insanity?: Erickson


Labor Unions, and the Problem With "More": Woodhill
Most Americans don't buy Obama's class warfare rhetoric: Exam
Extending Unemployment Insurance a Bad Deal: AmSpec

If Obama 'can't wait' for new jobs, why's he halted Keystone XL?: IBD
3 new NLRB decisions keep recent pro-union streak alive: BizMgmt
'Old GM' buried with bad assets of '09 bankruptcy: DetNews

Gunrunner & Energygate

Dallas Morning News: Is anyone really buying Holder’s excuses on Fast & Furious?: Hot Air
Want Answers About Fast and Furious? You're a Racist: Pavlich
Holder Plays The Race Card On His Critics: They’re Attacking Me And Obama Because We’re Both Black: WZ

Climate & Energy

The Politics and Policy of Cap and Trade, 2008-2010: Ace
A Word on Incandescent Light Bulbs: Bruce
EPA rules threaten older power plants: TheCabin


How to make Quote of the Year: Surber
More Turmoil At The New York Times As CEO Retires Unexpectedly: BigJourn
Ending race-based admissions: Jacoby

Here's the perfect Occupy poster child: Exam
Why Not Rick Santorum?: C4P
Pamela Geller responds to the cast members of All-American Muslim: Atlas


North Korea's Kim Jong Il dies; South goes on high alert: CNN
Syria – The Tipping Point Into Hell: NoisyRm
'I'm gonna send that kaffir (non-Muslim) b**** straight to hell': Atlas

Reform Judaism Shows Its Support For Obama's Anti-Israel Policy: Lid
Obama to approve 'indefinite detention' bill of US citizens and aliens: AsianTribune
China Local Debts Dwarf Official Data Prompting Alarms: BizWk

Reform Judaism Convention Passes a Progressive "Manifesto": Lid
Homosexuality is not an excuse for betraying your country: GayPat
Shocking 'Arab Spring' video: Unconscious girl brutally beaten by Egypt military: CazyBlood


Good News! T-Mobile Just Switched On 3G For Some iPhone Owners: Insider
Microsoft-Novell antitrust case ends in hung jury: NetworkWorld
Verizon devours more spectrum with Cox deal: NetworkWorld


We should all be thanking our troops: Star Parker
The Top 10 Snipers of World War II: Ace
Love on the Rocks: the Decline of Marriage: Ace

Image: CNN
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QOTD: "It is not surprising that unionized companies like GM, Chrysler, and Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt, and that heavily unionized States like California, New York, and Illinois are in deep financial trouble. By their very nature, unions must seek to drive their employers into bankruptcy. If they don't, then they aren't doing their job...

...People won't work for nothing. Even without unions, companies must offer an overall package (wages, benefits, working conditions) sufficient to attract and retain the workers that they need. The interaction between the company's needs and the workers' alternatives sets the "market wage"...

...The purpose of a union is to extract from its employer more than the market wage. If it doesn't do this, then there is no reason for workers to support it or to pay dues to it. Because companies must sell their output at market prices and pay market returns for the capital that they employ, they cannot afford to pay more than "market" for any major input. Accordingly, any unionized company for which labor is a significant part of its cost structure will eventually be destroyed." --Louis Woodhill

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