Monday, December 19, 2011

Going into our third annual "Summer of Recovery", Gallup finds unemployment is... still worsening

I'm shocked... shocked... that an already horrific employment situation appears to be collapsing (again).

Gallup, which unlike the BLS, does not fudge, Birth/Die, or seasonally adjust its data, has just released its most recent u(n)employment data. And it's not pretty... Gallup which constantly pools 30,000 people on a weekly basis, has found that for the past 4 weeks, both underemployment and unemployment have risen for 4 weeks in a row...

In summary, here is how Gallup debunks the BLS' propganda: "The sharp drop in the government-reported unemployment rate for November and the sharp drop in jobless claims during the most recent reporting week have combined to create the perception that the job market may be improving... Gallup's data suggest little improvement in the jobs situation... it may be wise to exercise caution in interpreting the drop in the government's most recent jobless claims numbers." Or, less diplomatically, the BLS is lying like a drunken sailor just as the economy is about to turn...

"...Gallup's data suggest little improvement in the jobs situation. December unemployment is up slightly on an unadjusted basis. In fact, the government is likely to report essentially no change in the unemployment rate when it issues its report on December unemployment in the first week of 2012. Of course, this assumes that the labor force doesn't continue to shrink at so rapid a pace that it drives down the unemployment rate, as it did last month."

Wait. Just. A. Second.

So after three straight Stimulus packages, QE1, QE2, Cash-for-Clunkers, Operation Twist, HAMP, HARP, and trillions in wasted government spending, you mean to say that central planning really doesn't work?


Doom said...

You are such a noob. Of course it is working. You just assumed that by "working" they meant putting more people back to work and greater productivity. When they say working, they mean crippling the US economy. Stop being a nancy.

Nahanni said...

I have seen signs at businesses I drive by on the way to work advertising openings for:

Rice Quality Inspector
Rice flour miller
Sales staff
CAD operators
Truck Drivers (big rig and hot shot)
IT openings of various kinds (soft and hardware)
Forklift Operators
Heavy Equipment Operators
Pharmacists and Pharmacist assistants

Some of the businesses advertising for these openings have BIG banners on the side of their buildings advertising these positions and make a point of mentioning that they are all full time jobs with benefit packages.

Of course, needless to say, this is in Texas.

Go on and keep on believing that Rick Perry is some doofus or all the rest of the BS the MSM says about him. Texas is working and the rest of the country is not and the reason why it is working is because of Gov. Perry.

PS-Yankees and other leftard bleu state refugees need not apply. We already have enough of you here and we have ways of running you off.

william smith said...

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