Friday, December 23, 2011

The Islamist's M.O.: Obliterating the Past [Dan from NY]

Dan from NY:

If there is a recurring theme within political Islam it is the permanent jihad to wipe out any trace of non-Muslim civilization. Once you appreciate that you’ll begin to see the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Mosque built over the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands and the spread of “no-go” neighborhoods in Europe in an entirely new light.


Ynet News, 12/23/2011, by Guy Bechor

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Op-ed: Egypt’s radicals eliminating country’s connection to West, but does anyone care?

It was barely mentioned in the Israeli and global media, but the following event pertains to the whole of Western civilization: Last Saturday, violent groups of Islamic-Salafi radicals burned the famous scientific institute established by Napoleon in Egypt after its first encounter with the West. Some historians consider it the start of modern times in the Middle East.

The site, L’Institut d’Egypte, held some 200,000 original and rare books, exhibits, maps, archeological findings and studies from Egypt and the entire Middle East, based on the work of generations of western researchers. Most of the artifacts were lost forever, burned or looted.

It’s difficult to understand the modern Middle East without these studies, which were overcome by an immense fire. The large building was situated in the center of Cairo and torching it was a symbolic, intentional act. Those who burned the building and its artifacts meant to burn the era of logic, enlightenment, research and individualism.

This was a grave provocation against the whole of Western civilization, a desire to disconnect from science, research and modernity, while cynically using a Western means – that is, democracy – in order to take power.

One need not go all the way to blowing up the pyramids, as some of Egypt’s Salafis wish to do after they seized some 35% of the new parliament seats (alongside 40% of the Islamic brotherhood,) and there is no reason to go as far as Afghanistan, where the Taliban blew up the huge Buddha statues. The elimination of Egypt’s non-Muslim past is already here.

...This isn’t a new phenomenon, and in Jerusalem as well we see elements associated with political Islam trying to erase any presence of the 3,000-year Jewish existence there, on Temple Mount for example – existence that pre-dated Islam.

... And who is supposed to raise a hue and cry over the burning of Egypt’s Western past? Who is supposed to be greatly disturbed by the fact that Egyptian authorities are having trouble protecting their own museums? UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Yet not much is happening there. Well, we can’t blame this organization; after all, it is preoccupied with admitting “Palestine” into its ranks.

Images: Ancient World Bloggers Group - "The Fire at the Institut d'Egypte Cairo"


Bones said...

They just won't be happy until the rest of the world returns to the dark ages where their society peaked out.

Chaz said...

You'd think Orwell was being original with the Ministry of Truth in his book 1984... but you'd be wrong.

In truth... this is something Islam has done since Mohammed: destroy the original history of a region or a people and attempt to supplant it with your own.

"He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past"

And sadly... history is always written by the victors. What we are seeing is an attempted re-write in progress.

Shayne said...

Do not worry. I am sure that the great Barack Obama will convince the UN to write the Salafis a very strong worded letter.

Anonymous said...

Does any one recall the world wide outrage when the US invaded Iraq and THERE WAS LOOTING OF NATIONAL TREASURES!!!

Not a peep from the usual suspects