Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obama Reelection Campaign Thinks You Can Be Bribed For $2.85 a day...

...while robbing the Social Security Trust Fund. Because that's what "the Payroll Tax Cut" is: it's reducing the funds available to Social Security, which is already speeding toward insolvency.

I just received this email from the White House, marketing the president's raid on the Social Security Trust Fund:

The email includes touching stories of families that really, really need that $2.85 a day.

Curious how Democrats never consider the next generation of Americans who will have to repay these debts -- this money borrowed from the future -- that were used to pursue a reelection campaign for a temporary politician.

And notice President Obama's cynical use of official White House email infrastructure to wage his reelection campaign.

Pretty sneaky, eh?

Well, I have news for the president: $40 for two weeks is a "big deal", especially for the next-generation -- which will have to repay this borrowed money with interest.


Shayne said...

Unfortunately, Doug, many Americans can be bribed for $2.85 a day. To the average politically ignorant American - someone who spends more time wondering who to vote for on American Idol, than on a President - all they are interested in is who "gives them the most stuff."

While Republicans are absolutely correct in trying to reign in uncontrolled entitlement spending, the Dems know that the average American could care less. Sad, but true.

Trialdog said...

This is just part of the reelection campaign, and Shayne, above, is correct it will work.
It will work for a small number of people. Other tactics will work for other small segments of people. Add it all up and Obama is slightly down in a close race - as long as it is a two party race.
And that's the key.
The big push for a third party candidate is arranged to take place over the next 3-4 months. This is a tried and true tactic for Obama and Axelrod. A third party candidate will take enough votes from a republican opponent for Obama to pick up certain key states and Obama is going to win. That is what is happening and what will happen. The actual third party candidate is not going to be from a third party. He/she will be sold to voters as a chance to elect an independent drafted candidate and break free of party politics. Funding comes from far left fronts and operatives smart enough to know why it is happening.
It is why Obama is totally unconcerned. He couples this strategy with an attack on a nuclear plant in Iran, this is a walk off election.
Done deal.
It is over.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't any one called total BS on this?
The Democrats are doing this for just 2 months.
That would be a grand total of $160, not the $1000 that Obama is talking about.
Republicans are correct about this: either do it for a full year or don't do it at all.