Saturday, December 24, 2011

Congressman calls Holder's race card, raises: asks whether Gunwalker's Mexican deaths were racially motivated

You gonna put some ice on that, Mister Holder (if that is your real name)?

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar told The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder’s race-card play to attack his critics is “absolutely horrendous.” But Gosar said he thinks race may have played a role in the Department of Justice’s execution of Operation Fast and Furious — but in a different way from how Holder is framing it.

“He [Holder] brought up the race card, and while I think it’s absolutely horrendous that he would bring up the race card, in Fast and Furious, we were in fact impugning the Mexican people,” Gosar said in a phone interview. “About 300 people have lost their lives.”

When the attorney general brings up the race card, he’d better be very, very careful — particularly for the Hispanics and what’s happened to them,” Gosar adds. “He’s been very insensitive, not only to the [U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian] Terry family in making an apology and making it very public, but where’s the apology to the Mexican government and the families of the victims in Mexico?”

My pet conspiracy theory regarding Operation Fast and Furious is simple: foment an all-out civil war in Mexico by arming the rival Zetas and Sinoloa cartels. Consider:

• The ATF armed the Sinaloa cartel
• The State Department armed the Zetas
• The combination could help fuel a full-blown civil war in Mexico
• Civilians would start streaming north to safety

The resulting humanitarian crisis would be used as a lever for a mass immigration event. The resulting influx of refugees -- fleeing the violence and demanding asylum in the U.S. -- would provide a nice, hefty bump of undocumented Democrats just in time for the 2012 presidential election.


Anonymous said...

There are already thousands of drug war related murders per year in Mexico. A couple of thousand U.S. weapons are a drop in the bucket.

It is more plausible that this was a ploy to undermine the 2nd Amendment. False statements were made by the President, Secretary of State, and others in the Administration to the effect that 90% of guns recovered at Mexican crimes scenes originated in the U.S. THe actual figure is about 17%. At the same time, they sent over the guns - actually subsidized them with US government money - to try to lend some truth to their false statements.

Unknown said...

Eric Holder HATES mexicans, pure and simple. Holder is a raaaacist!!

Anonymous said...

Also, any revolution is bound to result in a socialist takeover. Wouldn't his leftist friends love that?

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. This is not about more gun control laws. 200 dead Mexicans and nobody cares. If Holder wanted more gun control laws, he would have instructed the ATF to sell guns to the Crips and the Bloods inorder to increase the carnage in the inner cities. Then people would demand the government do something about guns in America.

This is about something much bigger. The State Department is flooding Mexico with weapons. Next year is an election year in Mexico and the cartels have a stake in who wins. The amount of violence we have seen so far is child's play compared to what we are going to see. Thousands of Mexicans are going to flee the violence and a border fence won't stop them. The Department of Homeland Security has told agencies to be prepared for mass refugees. This is about Soros's dream: OPEN BORDERS.