Sunday, December 11, 2011

In Houston or Austin on Tuesday? So is Eric Holder, who is pushing for vote fraud. Here's how to join the anti-Holder counter-rally.

If you'll be in the Houston or Austin area on Tuesday, check this out:

This coming Tuesday, Eric Holder is coming to Austin, Texas, to make a major announcement about voting rights.  Most likely, it will involve opposing election integrity efforts like voter identification requirements in Texas and South Carolina.  It will have a direct impact on the 2012 election. 

[Holder's] appearance at the LBJ Library will be met by True the Vote, which will hold a counter-rally to which all of America is invited.  It is at 4 p.m. on the grounds of the LBJ Library.  Here is the flyer with more information.

Holder is a disgrace and, in the words of former Justice official J. Christian Adams, should face impeachment.

People wonder what to do about this lawless administration. Well, here's something you can do. Help out TrueTheVote and show up to the anti-Holder counter-rally on Tuesday.

It's time.


sTevo said...

Keepin' Austin weird, one pos at a time.

bacontime said...

Oh, the irony that Holder is going to the LBJ library about VOTING FRAUD !!!!
I hope the Tea Party in Texas gets wind of this and goes !