Friday, December 02, 2011

The Weekly Standard's Droll New Parody Section

The bastion of big-government Republican, cocktail-circuit, anti-Tea Party "thought leadership" is a little-read magazine known as The Weakly Standard. Its wit is so incisive, so rapier-like, that it must warn readers ahead of time when it's deploying a devastatingly funny new "parody".

Oh, my.

Whew. Let me catch my breath.

And now you know why the WS is John Boehner's favorite periodical.

Now, if I were running the Parody section for Kristol, et. al., my version of the ad would look like this:

Attention, RINOs: we are trying to nominate a man or woman who can save this Republic. Get focused, schmucks.

Oh. And just one other question: was Bill Kristol's celebration of the "Arab Spring" earlier in 2011 supposed to be part of the nascent Parody Section?


Anonymous said...

I like the second one the best !

sTevo said...


I kinda like the ones below the preznitin' ad. FWB, that's me.

Only kidding. Wifey is all I can handle.

James said...

The second one is Bill Kristol's actual ad - someone forgot to leave it out of the "parody".