Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Democrat Mayors Celebrate the Success of their Gun Bans

More Democrat success stories:

• In gun-free New York City, Bloomberg -- the idiot mayor, not the news service -- celebrated as nine people were shot in the wee hours of January 1.

• In gun-free Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel high-fived his Democrat buddies and reveled in achieving 532 killings and 2,670 shootings in 2012 -- the highest total of killings since 2008.

• In Baltimore and Washington D.C., both of which ban "assault weapons", Democrat leaders celebrated a grand total of 305 murders.

Would you put a sign on your front door advertising the fact that your house was a "gun-free zone"? Of course not. Yet these exceedingly dim Democrats do just that at their city gates.

And only the law-abiding suffer as a result.

Image hat tip: The White Sepuclchre.

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Thanks again for another great compilation of the facts...

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