Tuesday, January 01, 2013

CHART: Putting the Senate Cliff Deal In Perspective

Well, this certainly puts the Senate's tax hike in perspective, to wit:

"One of those occasions when one picture really does speak a thousand words."

With Obama's trillion-dollar deficits, year after year after year, I wonder what the over-under for economic collapse is in Democrat circles?

Hat tip: Allahpundit.


The MUSEMan said...

$41 in tax increases for each $1 in spending cuts? That might be fine if the revenue is used to reduce the deficit. But, I'll bet (inflated) dollars to (banned) donuts that it'll be used to expand the Democrat base and ensure their control of Congress in 2014.

Then, their real work begins :-(

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me… We have an ‘ALREADY SPENT’ problem! Two unfunded wars….Tax Cuts a Big Pharma Deal…a financial disaster which lead to unprecedented BAIL OUTS approved by both DEMS & GOP. Along with, the overwhelming need for stimulus money to keep the USA and WORLD Economies from going totally down the toilet.

President Obama and DEMOCRATS have had NO HELP…NONE…ZILCH from this worthless DoNothing GOP Congress….For the past 4 years they have filibustered/blocked/killed/twisted/lied/coerced/conspired to defeat EVERY single bill aimed in helping AMERICA and AMERICANS recover….While they focused on NONSENSE/HATE and OBSTRUCTION…. trying to make Obama a one term President The Smallest Gov Spender Since Eisenhower? It’s Barack Obama!! http://onforb.es/LtvcNk