Sunday, January 06, 2013

JUST PERFECT: New "Eco-friendly" AC Coolant Said to Catch Fire, Poison Humans, Melt Windshields

Chalk this up as yet another epic failure by the ecotards (which is the term they prefer, I hear).

The case of Dupont and Honeywell's refrigerant R-1234yf is doing the exact opposite of keeping things cool. The two chemical companies have spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing R-1234yf to replace R-134a, the new refrigerant shown to be 99.7-percent kinder to the environment than the one it is meant to succeed... [After testing, the EU declared] that new and significantly revised cars from 2013 onward needed to use R-1234yf, and mandated that every car as of 2017 must use it.

Enter Daimler AG. The automaker created a head-on collision test with a B-Class at their Sindelfingen test track that would lead to the pressurized refrigerant being sprayed on the engine. The result in 20 out of 20 test[s] was that the refrigerant burst into flames as soon as it hit the hot engine... Another unexpected result of the R-1234yf test was the release of hydrogen flouride, a chemical far more deadly to humans than hydrogen cyanide, emitted in such amounts that it that turned the windshield white as it began to eat into the glass.

Said a Daimler engineer in a Reuters piece, "It was scarcely believable. The most complicated lab tests conducted using the most sensitive measuring instruments around found nothing and all we do is drive a car around a couple of times, open a tiny hole in the refrigerant line and the next thing you know the car is on fire." So Daimler said it wouldn't use the refrigerant, and it recalled the cars it had already shipped with R-1234yf.

...At least two other German and Austrian testing agencies have cautioned against the new chemical, a German firefighters organization has lobbied to have it banned while a rival German firefighters organization has cleared it for use, some German authorities are asking that automakers be given more time by the EU to conduct more tests, and it's reported that 13 carmakers have begun their own testing based on Daimler's initial findings.

A report in Bloomberg says that Volkswagen has joined Daimler in refusing to use R-1234yf in its cars. There aren't any 2013 VW models that fall under the EU mandate for use this year, so the fact that VW is speaking up means it wishes to lodge a vocal protest. Other automakers are still committed to the new chemical; Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC are still switching over in 2013, and Toyota in the EU has gone on record saying it hasn't found any safety issue with R-1234yf. The EU says it will enforce its decree [and] a Honeywell manager say[s], "The key element for the EU government is forcing the implementation of their rule."

Ain't central planning grand?

Hopefully this "green initiative" doesn't cost as many lives as the eco-Statists' last big propaganda campaign.

Hat tip: BadBlue Car News.


The MUSEman said...

Hmmm... when will General Motors be retrofitting Chevy Volts with this new refrigerant? In that way, every single Volt could be deemed a "flaming success"! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

F'n Asshats should have left R12 in place and enforced RECOVERY. Instead, at the behest of false science we have a new generation of replacement refrigerants not the least of which is the one replacing R22 in every commercial building you seeas well as most homes. It is not uncommon to find large rooftop units void of refrigerant: 40 to 100 pounds or so because a cap tube chaffed or a belt failed violating the indoor coil and guess where all that goes? Into the occupied space of course where they do cause health issues, UNLIKE the old refrigerants. The new refrigerants operate at high temperatures/pressures and get downright dangerous to work on in hot climates.
We pointed this out 20 years ago but nothing was done and now we find out the ozone wasn't really being effected by refrigerants after all.
I hope consumers have fun spending money needlessly on this new crap, they deserve what they're getting.