Thursday, January 10, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Let It Begin Here

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Let It Begin Here: Owens
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall: Camp o' the Saints
Andrew Cuomo: Another Socialist for Gun Control: MB

Why I own an AR-15: RS
Why Gun Owners Doubt Liberals' Motives: Gormogons
Who will be the first to die?: NoisyRm

Why So Serious? Is Conservative Despair Justified?: Klavan
The Real Gun Violence Problem: RS
PANIC: One Million AR-15 Magazines On Backorder: CNS


Teamsters Bosses Try Union Busting On Their Own Workers: LUR
Welfare Fraud Alert: Let’s Just Say its Rampant: Hidout
Panic In Cali as Thousands Of Food Stamps Cards Suffer Brief Outage: ZH

When big deficits became good: Hanson
Can Republicans Win a Government Shutdown?: Harsanyi
NEA, CWA, NAACP, GreenPeace Meet to End Capitalism: MagNote

Scandal Central

Defying the Obama Administration on Religious Liberty: Foundry
Government That Just Bought 1.4B Rounds of Ammo, 2500 DHS Armored Trucks: Turn in Your Guns: Reaganite
How a secret gun provision made its way into Obamacare legislation: Blaze

Climate & Energy

More Tricks from East Anglia: ClimateAudit


Doing the Research the New York Times Won't Do: Coulter
Douchebag John Cook publishes name of every NYC gun owner: HayRide
Secret gun-rights provision in ObamaCare?: Hot Air

February 8, 2013: Million Man March for the 2nd Amendment: CDN
Krauthammer: ‘Unconstitutional’ gun confiscation ‘would cause insurrection in the country’: DC
The Johnny-come-lately anti-Eric Holder brigade: Malkin

A Soldier and Two Marines: Sworn to ‘Support and Defend the Constitution’: RSM
Pillars of the Establishment Arrayed Against Second Amendment: MB
Bloomberg says 19-year olds aren't responsible enough to have a pistol or rifle: MB


The Blind Sheik and our mute president: Malkin
Hillary Clinton Publicly Linked Benghazi To Mohammed Film Even Before Navy SEALs Killed: WZ
Violent Britain: NRO

Iran Endorses Obama Pick Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense: Foundry
Georgetown Law professor: Hagel nomination a slap in the face to Israel's supporters: Matzav
Just to Be Safe, Put This Right Underneath Your Gun-Free Zone Sign: IMAO

Is Chuck Schumer a Friend of Israel? : Morris
20 Responses to a Liberal on Facebook: TPNN
USMC: Spouses clubs must admit same-sex spouses: ArmyTimes

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Researchers Reverse Engineer Fireflies To Make More Efficient LEDs: PopSci
The Orion Nebula as You’ve Never Seen it Before: Jaw-dropping New Image from Gemini: UniverseToday
Details of Eric Schmidt’s North Korea trip revealed: SlashGear


100 Great Quotes About Life And Living: RWN
A Smaller Slice? I Ordered Pizza! Pizza!: MOTUS
Attack Vulnerability: Winter Soldier

Image: Release the kraken! 2,000 years of tall tales (and a smattering of truth)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: February 8, 2013: Million Man March for the 2nd Amendment

QOTD: "I will accept no executive orders that reclassifies the most common and popular sporting rifle in America into a de facto “machine gun” just because a narcissist son of a drunken communist claims it is his right to do so.

I will not accept a ban on any firearms, or magazines from a self-absorbed Congress or any other imagined superior.

I will not give up one more cartridge, one more inch, or one more right so that statists in either party can constrict our liberties yet again in the false claim of safety, a claim that only serves their desire for absolute power without consequence." --Bob Owens


Barry Popik said...

Maybe you can give "negative links" to Business Insider today. It's epic stupid:

"Well done, Tim Geithner"
Tim Geithner's amazing legacy in one chart"
Krugman: The chart that proves the debt problem is mostly solved"

We're almost 17 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt and Geithner has done an "amazing" job and Krugman says not to worry? Truly amazing bias for a business website.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you very much, Doug.


Barry Popik said...

Negative links. Think about it.

I'm watching MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, and Ezra Klein is a guest, and they're seriously talking up "Biden 2016." Klein subbed for MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a few days ago and stated his admiration for Joe Biden.

You really should give the negative link of the day to the world's worst blogger, Ezra Klein:

Loyal Joe Biden Is a Presidential Contender

I've begged NewsBusters for years that they should report on what is NOT mentioned on MSNBC and the MSM. Ezra Klein presents us with a mother lode of negative links each day.

You could also present some points about why this is a negative link. Biden would be 74 in four years and he has already been a bad punchline for many years.

The left propaganda machine can say anything these days--even something as stupid as this--and be taken seriously by itself. This is obviously a White House talking point that MSNBC and Ezra Klein are both following--Obama's not taking away your guns, it's family friendly all American hero Joe Biden who is doing it to protect you. In a few years, we'll probably find out just what puppets these MSM people are.

Add negative links, or at least an Ezra Klein honorary negative link!