Saturday, January 12, 2013

PROJECT WAYBACK: Democrats Unveil Master Plan for Gun Control


Step 1: Construct time machine.

Note: Constructing such a time machine will only add $10 to $12 trillion to the national deficit.

Step 2: Hire deadly assassin who can blend in perfectly in the 19th century.

Step 3: Using the time machine, send deadly assassin back to 1880.

Step 4: Have deadly assassin kill Richard Gatling and Hiram Maxim, thereby "un-inventing" automatic and semi-automatic firearms

*Voila!* Gun problem solved!

Don't laugh. Knowing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the brain trust of the Democrat Party, this plan is bound to get wide support from the Left.

1 comment:

Capt-Dax said...

Ya Know,..If these two could figure a way,they would try. On our dime,of corse.