Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Key Election Results: Republicans Have OFFICIALLY Taken The Senate!

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Key Election Results: Republicans Have OFFICIALLY Taken The Senate!: RWN
Report: Exec Amnesty 'No Matter How Big a Shellacking' For Dems: Breitbart
GOP House Majority Largest Since 1920: RCP

Lessons From the Night: Erick Erickson
What’s At Stake: A Lawless Flood Of Illegal Aliens: CHQ
GOP takeover: Republicans surge to Senate control: AP

27 senators who voted for Obamacare won't be part of new Senate: Exam
Is GOP Ready for Obama’s Attorney General Fight?: Michelle Malkin
Gutierrez: 'civil war' among Democrats unless Obama acts on immigration: Guardian

Conservative Candidate Mia Love Just Made History in Utah: Blaze
Joni Ernst: “We Are Going To Make Them Squeal”: Tammy Bruce
Casualty List: 113th Congress (2013-2014): Roll Call

Scott Walker Wins in Wisconsin… Again!: Glob
Battle for the Senate: How the GOP did it: WaPo
As ObamaCare deductibles spike, many turn to free clinics: LiberalLogic

Scandal Central

Election Eve “Fast & Furious” Document Dump by Justice Dept.: Attkisson
ATTKISSON: Obama Keeps 'Enemies List': Hollywood Reporter
Where Is the Investigation Into Financial Corruption at the NSA?: Atlantic

Did Obama Send Violent Illegal Immigrants to Live in Your City?: Insider
UNPRECEDENTED: Obama mandated insurers hide 2015 rates until after rmidterms: GWP
BOMBSHELL: Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With White House On IRS Targeting Scandal: DC


Krauthammer: Obama "Is Going To Hate Becoming Irrelevant": RCP
CBS Insists Midterms Are Indictment Of Both Political Parties: MRC
Wow, Chris Matthews just ‘SNAPPED': Don’t miss this ‘super plus’ epic meltdown: Twitchy

Krauthammer: ‘This Is The End Of The War On Women, And Democrats Have Lost It’: WFB
Vote Fraud in NC: Scoop
So Joe Biden Got a New Forehead: Ace


Obama Just Handed Over a Bunch of Anti-Tank Missiles to ISIS: Daniel Greenfield
Who is the Real Chickensh**?: Gatestone
Sweden Cedes Control of Muslim Areas: MB

Obama Threatened Netanyahu, Is Making Secret Deals With Iran Without Congress: Sara Noble
Terror in Jerusalem: One dead as Palestinian driver rams van into crowded light rail station: JPost
Ebola in Sierra Leone is 'spreading nine times faster than two months ago': DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Verizon Injecting Perma-Cookies to Track Mobile Customers, Bypassing Privacy Controls: EFF
Microsoft Fires Global Advertising Sales Team: Lara O'Reilly
Jawbone launches new 'UP3' fitness band and entry-level 'UP Move' activity tracker: DigitalTrends


Retired Marine gets threats after guarding Canadian war memorial: MarineTimes
Obama Gazes at the Moon. The Moon Gazes Back.: MOTUS
Time to break them out: Ace

Image: Obama Gazes at the Moon. The Moon Gazes Back.
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QOTD: "...Campaign 2014 is another textbook example of media bias. According to the national media, Kansas and Georgia were going to turn blue. Kansas because of Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS)93%, but more importantly because Gov. Sam Brownback decided to force through “unpopular” tax cuts. For weeks, Chuck Todd has been gearing up to claim tax cuts are no longer a winning issue for the GOP. But Sam Brownback got re-elected, as did Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS)93%, and the Kansas Democrats lost seats in the state legislature. The media ignored so much in Kansas. In Georgia, the media bought into the Democrats’ narrative that the state was going blue. In fact, both Nathan Deal and David Perdue won without runoffs. Neither Jason Carter nor Michelle Nunn improved the Democrats’ position from 2010. In fact, in baseline races where there was no heavy partisan activity, Georgia Republicans averaged 58% of the vote. In Florida, Rick Scott beat Charlie Crist. Were you to believe the media for the past three months, there was no way Scott could get re-elected.

Likewise, the media spent months salivating over Democrats Allison Grimes, Wendy Davis, and Michelle Nunn. All three women lost. Meanwhile, the GOP is sending the first black female Republican to Congress with Mia Love. They’re sending conservative legend Barbara Comstock who won in Northern Virginia. And they’re sending veteran Joni Ernst from Iowa. Ernst, by the way, ran one of the best campaigns in America. But the media ignored the Republican women, focusing instead on the fashion choices of losing Democrats who stroked their world view.

By the way, not only did Wendy Davis lose the gubernatorial election in Texas, but her State Senate seat flipped to the GOP’s tea party candidate, Konni Burton." --Erick Erickson


Anonymous said...

I remember a Seattle Realtor's sentiment posted in his office during the 90's that said, "Lord, I promise not to piss away the next boom like I did the last one".
Republicans MUST take the fight to the Oval Office and restore sanity and responsibility to our once great Country.

Anonymous said...

Using his initiative Bloomberg found a butt buddy in Washington State. I thought spreading infectious diseases was against the Law... but how can you argue with a person who bought their way into heaven?

Anonymous said...

One gun control bill paid in full:

Anonymous said...

That link to the Roll Call article on Congressional "casualties" omits Eric Cantor's primary defeat.

How do you miss that??

That was arguably the biggest primary defeat of a Congressman in US History. It was the only time a House Majority Leader EVER lost a primary.