Saturday, November 15, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Super-Amnesty Will Turn Your City into Detroit

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Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City into Detroit: Daniel Greenfield
Obama Creates New Program to Import Children from Latin America: CNS
New Gruber Video: Employer-sponsored Health Plans are Screwed: Ace

Riot, Mayhem, and Pillage: Now Just "Natural Disasters": American Digest
Is This the Political Map of the Future?: Michael Barone
New Liz Warren ad says US should be more like Red China: PR

Obama budget director Orzag also part of Gruber brigade: Ace
On the Way to Making a Point, Wehner Loses His Composure: Jen Kuznicki
Father of son killed by illegal asks Obama for an executive order: RWN

New Gruber vid: Obamacare designed to kill employer-based insurance: Ace
Civil war among Democrats over Team Hillary lifeboats already: Ed Morrissey
Hillary’s “Mook Mafia” preparing to crush all of us, “mafia style”: LI


HHS Chief: Obamacare should be available to DREAMers: RedAlert
Bill of Rights gets disturbing makeover in major classroom publication: EAGnews
Contemplating Stocks without QE: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

Gruber in 2012 confirmed Obama participation in destruction of employer-based health plans: NB
A.N.S.W.E.R.Coalition and the Partnership for Civil Justice: Lee Cary
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Jawa Report

Climate & Energy

US-China Climate Change Deal Is Terrible; Fortunately, It Doesn’t Matter: David Harsanyi
Liberal Idiot o' the Day: Joe for America
GOP lawmaker: Senate Dems, Obama need to pass Keystone: Hill


CBS Evening News: ‘Embarrassed Democrats’ Trying to ‘Turn Gruber into a Stranger’: WFB
Morning Joe Panel: Hillary Doesn't Know Why She's Running For POTUS: TR
CNBC Alums Say Network Mgmt. Stopped Them From Telling Truth About Obamacare: Lid

Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity In a War of Words: NB
Mark Levin Fires Back at Peter Wehner’s Attack on Reagan’s Pro-Life Record: CNS
The Nazi Rap: Radix

Another Five Year Old Murdered In Racially Motivated Wisconsin Attack: Treehouse
Obfuscating Language for Political Purposes: Elephant
Why Lena Dunham Triggers the American Right: Radix


Compelling Israel to go Nuclear: Another Obama Triumph: James Lewis
Norway Anti-Racist Group Demands Exclusion of Jews From Kristallnacht Commemoration: CAMERA
Free Speech v. Political Correctness: Gatestone

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Man Took the Exact Same Picture Every Day for a Year to Highlight Beijing’s Air Pollution: PetaPixel
Comet probe uploads last-minute data from 'alien world': Phys.Org
Cool Infographics Explain 8 Key Events on Orion’s EFT-1 Test Flight: UniverseToday


Obamacare is like a box of chocolates: Crashr
Not Senile Yet: American Digest
Exactly who is Field Marshal Gruber calling stupid?: MOTUS

Image: Incendiary Image of the Day: Elementary School Disarmament Poster Edition
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QOTD: "Nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, nearly 50 million in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate since 1978, and Jon's beloved president who once said George Bush's debt was 'irresponsible and unpatriotic' has almost accumulated more debt then every other President before him combined. Do I even need to remind him about keeping our doctors, our health plans and saving money? And how is that healthcare website working out? Or Iraq, ISIS, the 'Russian reset'?

Jon's problem is he has his head so far up Obama's ass he cannot see clearly, he is obviously better suited to reading his joke writers' material, and making his clapping-seal audience happy.

I await another Rally to Restore Sanity with Fatwa supporter Cat Stevens." --Sean Hannity

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Anonymous said...

We need to stop calling it amnesty and call it what it is, a pardon. The people are criminals.