Saturday, November 08, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Eric Holder Uncensored: Fast and Furious Critics Can ‘Kiss My A**’

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Eric Holder Uncensored: Fast and Furious Critics Can ‘Kiss My A**’: Blaze
The Biggest Loser: WFB
The Five Stages of Democratic Grief: Rick Wilson

Obama on Midterm Voters: “They’d like to see more cooperation”: JWF
Big GOP win a rebuke of the president: Jonah Goldberg
The State Legislative Landslide: Bruce Walker

The Shrinkage of the Obama Majority: Michael Barone
Republicans Now Control 67 of 98 State Legislative Chambers: Rick Moran
Pelosi: Midterm Wasn't GOP Wave, Was 'Ebb' of Dem Voters: Breitbart

A Tea Party Member's Open Letter to the GOP: AWD
Give Back the Senate: Bill Whittle
Ben Carson: First 2016 Presidential Candidate?: Breitbart


Democrats: “Yeah, Our Economic Message Was Lacking”: RWN
Fed Interest Rate Level That Cripples Economic Growth Is Getting Lower: Insider
Good enough for an Emmy, but not The Container Store: Nicole Duignan

Scandal Central

INSANE: Ferguson “Activists” Deliver Pre-Riot Demands To Police: Bob Owens


"Reporter" Nancy Cordes Pushing Out Daily Kos Propaganda Under Aegis of CBSNews: Ace
Rep. Steve King: Obama Possibly a ‘Narcissist’ Who Wants to Get ‘Martyred’ by Impeachment: Mediaite
Ushanka Election Analysis 2014: Ushanka

One year ago, Obama said, If you don't like my policies, go out there and win an election: Poor Richard
Lunatic CBS Reporter Nancy Cordes Disgraces Herself Again: BPR
Bongino concedes hard fought race to Congressman Delaney: Scoop


Obama's State Department Displays Its Contempt For Israel By Disagreeing With U.S. Gen. Dempsey: Lid
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Iraq we go…: Real Revo
Romney hammers Obama on Iran policy, letter to Khamenei: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple’s Design: The Gift That Keeps Giving (1 of 2): John Kirk
Apple's deal with sapphire supplier was a 'heads I win, tails you lose' proposition for Cupertino: ZDNet
TV networks getting that sinking feeling: GigaOm


The Morning After: RWN
The Martian: Japan News
Here's your typical Obama voter: IOTWReport

Image: Eric Holder Uncensored: Fast and Furious Critics Can ‘Kiss My A**’
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Anonymous said...

Doug, thanks for AWD's open letter to RINOs. That ought to be required reading for every Republican in Washington.


Anonymous said...

I just sent this to my congressman: "Dear Congressman: I am writing (again) to voice my concern that Republican leadership has not gotten the message that the People sent on Tuesday. First of all, I have never been a viewer or listener of Rush Limbaugh, but I do visit various conservative Websites and sometimes read/listen to what he has to say on certain topics. Often, his opinions are mine. Specifically, the meaning of Tuesday's historic election results that catapulted Republicans into having full control of both houses of congress. I wholeheartedly agree with Rush that the American people made this happen TO STOP OBAMA's agenda. To repeal Obamacare in it's entirety, to STOP Obama's unilateral, unconstitutional, immigration power grab that will guarantee Democrat votes for generations to come, to reverse stringent regulations that inhibit economic and job growth and to stop ALL of Obama's destructive plans for our country. We DID NOT give Republicans this historic power to compromise or work with Obama and the Democrats. WE WANT OBAMA STOPPED. We want his agenda stopped. In watching the video of the lunch gathering yesterday, I was appalled at how Obama is attempting to control the narrative of the election by saying that, "The American people want us to work together to get stuff done". Obama does not care what the American people want. If he did, there would BE no Obamacare, no open borders, no IRS illegally targeting conservative groups and individuals, no millions of Americans out of work and giving up looking for work, no Ebola in America. If you saw the video of this meeting yesterday, would you admit that what we saw was a Boehner and McConnell who looked like they were being taken to the woodshed for a whipping instead of two leaders who were just handed historic power to stop Obama. Would you agree that we saw them making a feeble attempt to let Obama know that his executive action on immigration is not within his authority. They had the perfect opportunity to put Obama in his place and say NO - we will not allow him to do that and we will stop him.Instead, they grovel and plead for "more time" to get their plan (compromise) together?WHAT plan?No matter what Paul Ryan, or any other RINO has to say WE DO NOT WANT OPEN BORDERS OR MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS invading our country and taking jobs from our graduates and anyone else who is here legally. Watching Boehner and McConnell and Cornyn yesterday told me all I needed to know about what will be happening the next two years. And, I do not support their "vision" or compromises. I have said this before - that I am DONE with the Republican party and have come back time after time because of a loyalty that is NOT being reciprocated. The fact that the R leadership would rather prostitute itself to corporate interests and the national Chamber of Commerce than listen to and embrace grass roots, patriotic Americans who want limited government, fiscal responsibility, spending within our means and constitutional governance - is so disappointing that I cannot support a party that ignores it's largest base of Americans. I don't know how much you yourself agree with me, but I do that the R leadership is purposefully headed in the opposite direction from what Tuesday's election was all about. Stopping Obama, not compromising with him. When will you all learn that there is no compromising with Obama. He is incapable of compromise. Frankly, I think he is mentally unstable. An aggressive narcissist and a sociopath. He is incapable of taking responsibility - except during a photo op - and is incapable of wanting what is right for America. The next two years, just like the last six, will be a nightmare for America if Obama and his agenda are not stopped."I urge everyone to write, email or call your representatives and tell them NO COMPROMISE. STOP OBAMA. NO AMNESTY, NO OBAMACARE, NO OPEN BORDERS, NO OBAMA.