Friday, November 21, 2014

CARTOON: Origami

When the history of American political cartoons is written, the works of Michael Ramirez will be rivaled only by those of Thomas Nast.

And the fact is, in times like these, we need more like Ramirez: men and women who will speak truth to power using both pictures and words.


Anonymous said...

There will never be an illegal who has been here less than 5 years, total amnesty has been declared. Welcome fruit pickers, bed makers, and ner do wells. You will never pay taxes. said...

Ramirez has it wrong. He should have drawn pictures of the two dickless cowards hogging the leadership positions of the GOP as they run out of town.

There will always be wanna-be despots. That's what separation of powers is all about. Who'd have thought we'd have a rogue president at the same time in history as two most dickless cowards possible heading the opposition part in Senate and the House?