Sunday, November 09, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz and Lee demand answers on immigration from Obama's AG nominee

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Cruz and Lee demand answers on immigration from Obama's AG nominee: Exam
Conservative Senators Warn Obama on Lawless Amnesty Move: MB
Poll Shows Huge Opposition To Oval Office Amnesty: DC

Report: WH Pressured Media to Suppress Suspected Ebola Cases: RWN
The Others Pouring Across Our Border: Sara Noble
Riding the Wave: Michael Reagan

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Employment Situation Improves in October--Except for African Americans: CNS
How Eva Moskowitz Outmuscled the Teachers Union: Reason
Democrats Still Hate Dirty, Greedy Businesses: Rick Jensen

Scandal Central

Obama AG Nominee Lynch: Voter ID Laws were Passed by Racist Southerners, Must be Stopped: PunditPress
DOJ grants $63 million for social justice school discipline promoted by Bill Ayers: EAGnews
Sharyl Attkisson alleges media helped Obama before election in interview on CNN: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Obama’s 1.6 Billion Dollar Ivanpah Solar Plant Can’t Pay Its Bills – Needs Bailout: GWP


30-year analysis of media, academia’s political donations: undeniable proof of liberal bias: Poor Richard
Marine Calls Out Obama at White House on Election Night: Freedom Outpost
Liberal Compassion on Trial: WFB

On The Rehabilitation Of The John Birchers: Camp o' the Saints
Democrat Party Hollowed Out — No, Eviscerated! — After 6 Years of Epic Obama Failure: AmPower
Alleged Bin Laden Killer: "He Died Like a P***y": Breitbart

USA: Basketball Player Won’t Stand for National Anthem — Because He is Muslim: Geller
On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP: Daniel Mael
This is what they think of us: Joe Huffman


Are people on the left really concerned about the basic rights of women?: Wintery Knight
FBI Evidence: CAIR Leaders are HAMAS USA: Creeping
Lawmakers Slam Obama’s Letter To Ayatollah: WZ

Chinese Media Slams Obama Before Visit: “Obama’s Best Performance Is Empty Rhetoric”: GWP
‘It was the STATE!’ Students torch Mexico City Palace in protest of massacre ordered by mayor: Scoop
Palestinians' "Car Intifada" and Obama's Peace Process: Khaled Abu Toameh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe First Review: A Grand Tradition Continued: KBB
Israeli cyber-security researchers remotely hack a car: AutoBlog
22 Habits of Unhappy People: InfoBarrel


Live, From The Left Wing…It’s Saturday Night!: MOTUS
PHOTO: LSU fan brings substitute for Tiger mascot: TheScore
Some People Suck... They Should Be Hunted Down and Thoroughly Beaten Senseless...: Feral Irishman

Image: Why the Loretta Lynch nomination is absolutely political
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QOTD: "Rob O’Neill, the man who claims he killed Osama bin Laden, said that “Osama bin Laden died like a p***y” in a series of interviews with freelance journalist Alex Quade that were excerpted on Friday’s “AC 360” on CNN.

O’Neill said “anytime anyone says ‘You know, my brother died at Cantor Fitzgerald, or my mom, whatever’ one thing I tell them is, ‘All right Osama bin Laden died like a p***y. That’s all I’m telling you, just so you know. He died afraid. And he knew we were there to kill him.’”

He also reported that other members of SEAL Team Six “knew we were going to die. we knew we weren't coming back…we all accepted it and nobody was afraid,” but that the victims of 9/11 helped motivate them saying, “we didn’t do it for us, we did it for the people who didn’t want to die.” And “9/11 is very significant. It was the whole reason we were there.” He added that the thought process before the mission was, “we’re gonna die, but we’re gonna die when the house blows up, but knowing that f***face blew up, too.”" --Breitbart TV


Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug.

Anonymous said...

Memo to the Democratic National Communist party

Ask yourselves what will happen if Obama succeeds in blowing open the border with the promise of Amnesty?

Let’s start with your constituents being thrown out of jobs when they are replaced with cheap illegal invader labor.

Bit that should be no problem since you have your wonderful socialist safety net …. That will soon be over loaded with millions of new dependents that deplete the free goodies that you use to buy votes…

Now suddenly you will have millions of your dependent voters unable to feed at the trough and getting angrier at the minute because Comrade Obama has over loaded the system.

And then just to make things more ‘interesting’, along with all those flooding over the border you’ll get quite a few criminals that will victimize your constituents.

Along with terrorists and all kinds of deadly diseases that will do their part in hobbling the economy and killing off a good portion of the population.

Yes, you’ll have a first class disaster on you hands, all courtesy of Obama’s wonderful pen and phone, it’ll be all yours Democrats.

ObamaAmnesty will do for you what Obamacare has done – only many times worse, because you won’t be able to palm it off on some mythical problems that needed to be solved RIGHT NOW!

(If that had been the case he would do something about the ‘problem’ by now)

There is only one reason Obama and your aren’t in the dumper – the Obamascam of pretending to be unconnected with his own acts, backed up by a gullible or toadying press that propagates the scam.

BUT, this time it’lll be WAY different, this time it’ll be all on you and Obama.

Think about that for second before you agree with the DNC’s ObamaAmnesty suicide pact.