Thursday, November 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Schumer's "Distancing" From Obama, Take 2

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Schumer's "Distancing" From Obama, Take 2: Ace
Barack Obama, Troll: Jonah Goldberg
CRS: Congress Has Power to Block Funding for Obama Amnesty: Breitbart

The Left Favors the State Over the People in Ferguson: Erick Erickson
Liberals Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood: Ann Coulter
Hume: When’s Al Sharpton ‘going to stick up for this poor guy?’: Twitchy

Being Thankful for the Left: Daniel Greenfield
An inconvenient law: Victor Davis Hanson
Ferguson Obscures Much Bigger Problems in the ‘Black Community’: Larry Elder

Is it time for a Convention of the States?: William Hamilton
Lapsing Back Into Not Caring About Militarization Of Nation's Police: TechDirt
Ferguson fallout: Scores arrested in Calif. unrest: CNS


Applications for Jobless Aid Jump to 313,000: Tea Party
1 in 5 Households Will Celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps: CNS
Illegals will receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama action: WaPo

Scandal Central

Obama HHS Secretary encourages Illegals to Sign up for Obamacare: Tim Brown
New York Times Reporters who put out Darren Wilson’s Address have their Addresses made Public: Tim Brown
Feds Paid $5 Million For Hipster Raves, Featuring Lots of Anti-Conservative Political Agitprop: Ace

Climate & Energy

New EPA Regulations Will Cost $270 Billion A Year: DownTrend
Courts Can't Settle Science: Mark Steyn
What’s at Stake in Mann v. National Review: Charles C. W. Cooke


Al-Jazeera America’s Fraudulent USS Liberty Documentary: CAMERA
4.5 Million Problems But a Snitch Aint One – Al Sharpton Dodges Questions About Unpaid Taxes: ProgsToday
NBA Star Charles Barkley Criticizes Media Coverage of Ferguson: MRC

Doug Ross Tax Audit Coming in 3-2-1...: Reaganite
Wait, There’s an ‘Oral History Project’ About the Clinton White House?: JWF
Officer David Smith never lived to tell about enraged perp who stole his service gun: LI

Jonathan Gruber: Aborting the Poor’s “Marginal Children” Saves Government Money: Dan Riehl
Dear Conservatives: Enough Already With The “Stars”: Pocket Full of Liberty
Thanksgiving 2014: MOTUS


Who Would Be Obama's Next SecDef?: Power Line
Iran's breakthrough point: Israel Hayom
69% of Americans oppose deal leaving Iran with nuclear capabilities: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Needed: citizen scientists for Higgs hunt: Sarah Charley, Symmetry
Uber’s data-sucking Android app is dangerously close to malware: Cult of Mac
China-made E-Cigarette Chargers Could Infect Your Computer with Virus: The Hacker News


Things NOT overheard in Ferguson – Cynic : IOTWReport
A Time Machine Leak of B.H.Obama’s Job Exit Interview: Diogenes
Stray dog joins endurance racers on epic trek: GrindTV

Image: Nor'easter Nightmare: Thanksgiving Travel is Chaos for East Coast
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QOTD: "The bitter irony of the Michael Brown case is that if he had actually put his hands up and said don't shoot, he would almost certainly be alive today. His family would have been spared an unspeakable loss, and Ferguson, Missouri wouldn't have experienced multiple bouts of rioting, including the torching of at least a dozen businesses the night it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson wouldn't be charged with a crime.

Instead, the credible evidence (i.e., the testimony that doesn't contradict itself or the physical evidence) suggests that Michael Brown had no interest in surrendering. After committing an act of petty robbery at a local business, he attacked Officer Wilson when he stopped him on the street. Brown punched Wilson when the officer was still in his patrol car and attempted to take his gun from him.

...There is good reason for a police officer to be in mortal fear in the situation Officer Wilson faced, though. In upstate New York last March, a police officer responded to a disturbance call at an office, when suddenly a disturbed man pummeled the officer as he was attempting to exit his vehicle and then grabbed his gun and shot him dead. The case didn't become a national metaphor for anything.

Ferguson, on the other hand, has never lacked for media coverage, although the narrative of a police execution always seemed dubious and now has been exposed as essentially a fraud. "Hands up, don't shoot" is a good slogan. If only it was what Michael Brown had done last August." --Rich Lowry

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