Thursday, November 06, 2014

A Warning for Boehner, McConnell, Priebus, Rove, the RNC, and (especially) the Chamber of Crony Capitalism

Election 2014: A Conservative Victory by The Conservative Victory Project

The American people sent an unmistakable message to Washington:  Voters expect Republicans in Congress to listen and fight for the conservative agenda they ran on.

-  Every single newly elected Republican Senator ran on the full repeal of Obamacare. In most competitive races it was the top issue. Over 40,000 ads against Obamacare were run on behalf of winning candidates. The Republican House and Senate must now keep those campaign promises and use reconciliation to send a bill repealing Obamacare to the President. 

-  All but one of the newly elected Republican Senators ran a strong campaign in favor of securing the border and opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

-  Every single newly elected Republican Senator ran in support of an agenda for hard-working middle class Americans that reduces spending, lowers taxes, and balances the budget-not in support of corporate welfare, bloated government spending bills, and endless debt-ceiling increases. 

-  Far from downplaying social issues, every newly elected Republican Senator is pro-life and supports legislation that would protect unborn life after five months of pregnancy. The liberal candidates who painted pro-life candidates as engaged in a “War on Women” were routinely criticized and defeated.

Simply put, successful candidates ran as conservatives and won.

Oppose a Lame Duck Surrender

The Washington establishment is already calling on Republican leaders to capitulate to the Left in the Lame Duck. This means that opportunities to pursue conservative reforms next year will be lost.  New and returning Republican members should only vote for Leaders in the Senate and House who commit not to cave-in to President Obama and outgoing Majority Leader Reid in the Lame Duck.  The newly elected Republican Congress must have the opportunity to govern and return competence to a broken Washington.

Advancing a Conservative Agenda to Restore the American Dream

The election is over.  Now, it is time for our newly elected Congress to do what they told us they were going to do.  Conservative policies help people.  They will begin to restore our nation.

And while each of our organizations will work toward various elements of this agenda, as a conservative movement we call on the new Republican Congress to enact:

-  A pro-growth agenda for hard-working middle class Americans that balances the budget in 10 years or less without raising taxes, starts over with a tax code that actually works for American families and businesses, ends regulations that increase red-tape and hurt job creation, and makes Congress accurately account for the bills they pass.

-  Fully repealing Obamacare, using congressional authority to halt and expose it, and starting over with real health care reform that respects patients and doctors.

-  Passing common-sense and compassionate legislation that protects innocent unborn human life after five months of pregnancy.

-  Upholding the rule of law and Constitution by restoring the power of the states and ending the lawlessness of the Obama Administration and rogue agencies like the IRS.

-  Safeguarding our freedoms by ending the assaults on our religious liberty like those we now see in Obamacare, our military, against faith in the public square, and against those who support natural marriage.

-  A defense budget adequate to meet current and future threats to the country, including the threat from Islamists, non-state actors, and sovereign states.

-  Securing the border and ending attempts to grant amnesty to people who break our laws.

-  Expanding American energy through innovation and the market, not government regulation and cronyism.

Now is the time for Republicans in Congress to earn the trust that the American people have placed in them.

The Honorable Edwin Meese III, 
 Former Attorney General, President Ronald Reagan
The Honorable David McIntosh, Former Member of Congress, Indiana
Mike Needham, 
Heritage Action for America
Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council
Brent Bozell,
Mark R. Levin
Erick Erickson,
Marjorie Dannenfelser,
 Susan B. Anthony List
Penny Nance,
 President and CEO,
 Concerned Women for America
Gary Bauer,
 American Values
Colin Hanna,
 Let Freedom Ring
David Bossie,
 Citizens United
Herman Pirchner,
 American Foreign Policy Council
Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin,  (US Army, Retired),
 Executive Vice President,
 Family Research Council
Phyllis Schlafly, 
Founder and President, 
 Eagle Forum
Richard A. Viguerie, 
Chairman, and Fed Up PAC
Morton Blackwell, 
Conservative Leadership PAC
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell, 
 Constitutional Congress, Inc.
The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop,
 Former White House Advisor,
 President Ronald Reagan
The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.,
  Former White House Domestic Advisor,
 President Ronald Reagan
The Honorable Alfred S. Regnery,
 Former Publisher,
 The American Spectator
William L Walton,
 Vice President,
 Council for National Policy
The Honorable Bob McEwen,
 Former U.S. Representative,
Ed Corrigan,
 Former Executive Director,
 U.S. Senate Steering Committee
Diana Banister,
 Citizens for the Republic
Brian Baker,
 Ending Spending
Austin Ruse,
 Center for Family & Human Rights
Phil Kerpen,
 American Commitment
Phil Burress,
 Citizens for Community Values
Allen Roth,
 Secure America Now
Elaine Donnelly,
 Center for Military Readiness
Kay Daly,
 Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Christopher N. Malagisi,
 Young Conservatives Coalition
Susan Carleson,
 American Civil Rights Union
Preston Noell III,
 Tradition,  Family,  Property, Inc.
Christian Adams,
 Election Law Center
David Denholm,
 Public Service Research Council
Francis Deluca,
 Civitas Institute
Jenny Beth Martin,
 Tea Party Patriots
Sandy Rios,
 Director of Government Affairs,
 American Family Association
Paul Caprio,
 Family Pac Federal

(All organizations listed for Identification purposes only)

The Conservative Action Project, chaired by former Attorney General Edwin Meese and former Congressman David McIntosh, is designed to facilitate conservative leaders working together on behalf of common goals. Participants include the CEO’s of over 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement-economic, social and national security.

Hat tip: Mark Levin

7 comments: said...

They won't hear a word of it. The only message worth the time giving them is a final 'you're out.'

Doom said...

I made a list too! Mine sucks, when the two are put side by side. Oh, most or all points were hit, they just weren't hit with a hammer. *bam, bam* Maxwell's silver hammer, actually. Gotta get a little psycho sometimes. (warning: link is hard rock/heavy metal, not for the delicate)

Francis W. Porretto said...

I'm afraid your hopes are somewhat unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

Despite a resounding victory Tuesday at the polls, it took McConnell less than 24 hours to start surrendering.

When will these bastards ever learn?


Anonymous said...

All they care about is saving their own hides. The ony way to repeal Obamacare is to tie it to their re-election.


Anonymous said...

I just sent this to my congressman: "Dear Congressman: I am writing (again) to voice my concern that Republican leadership has not gotten the message that the People sent on Tuesday. First of all, I have never been a viewer or listener of Rush Limbaugh, but I do visit various conservative Websites and sometimes read/listen to what he has to say on certain topics. Often, his opinions are mine. Specifically, the meaning of Tuesday's historic election results that catapulted Republicans into having full control of both houses of congress. I wholeheartedly agree with Rush that the American people made this happen TO STOP OBAMA's agenda. To repeal Obamacare in it's entirety, to STOP Obama's unilateral, unconstitutional, immigration power grab that will guarantee Democrat votes for generations to come, to reverse stringent regulations that inhibit economic and job growth and to stop ALL of Obama's destructive plans for our country. We DID NOT give Republicans this historic power to compromise or work with Obama and the Democrats. WE WANT OBAMA STOPPED. We want his agenda stopped. In watching the video of the lunch gathering yesterday, I was appalled at how Obama is attempting to control the narrative of the election by saying that, "The American people want us to work together to get stuff done". Obama does not care what the American people want. If he did, there would BE no Obamacare, no open borders, no IRS illegally targeting conservative groups and individuals, no millions of Americans out of work and giving up looking for work, no Ebola in America. If you saw the video of this meeting yesterday, would you admit that what we saw was a Boehner and McConnell who looked like they were being taken to the woodshed for a whipping instead of two leaders who were just handed historic power to stop Obama. Would you agree that we saw them making a feeble attempt to let Obama know that his executive action on immigration is not within his authority. They had the perfect opportunity to put Obama in his place and say NO - we will not allow him to do that and we will stop him.Instead, they grovel and plead for "more time" to get their plan (compromise) together?WHAT plan?No matter what Paul Ryan, or any other RINO has to say WE DO NOT WANT OPEN BORDERS OR MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS invading our country and taking jobs from our graduates and anyone else who is here legally. Watching Boehner and McConnell and Cornyn yesterday told me all I needed to know about what will be happening the next two years. And, I do not support their "vision" or compromises. I have said this before - that I am DONE with the Republican party and have come back time after time because of a loyalty that is NOT being reciprocated. The fact that the R leadership would rather prostitute itself to corporate interests and the national Chamber of Commerce than listen to and embrace grass roots, patriotic Americans who want limited government, fiscal responsibility, spending within our means and constitutional governance - is so disappointing that I cannot support a party that ignores it's largest base of Americans. I don't know how much you yourself agree with me, but I do know that the R leadership is headed in the opposite direction from what Tuesday's election was all about. Stopping Obama, not compromising with him. When will you all learn that there is no compromising with Obama. He is incapable of compromise. Frankly, I think he is mentally unstable. An aggressive narcissist and a sociopath. He is incapable of taking responsibility - except during a photo op - and is incapable of wanting what is right for America. The next two years, just like the last six, will be a nightmare for America if Obama and his agenda are not stopped."I urge everyone to write, email or call your representatives and tell them NO COMPROMISE. STOP OBAMA. NO AMNESTY, NO OBAMACARE, NO OPEN BORDERS, NO OBAMA.

horse said...

What a bunch of asses. "Take back America" from who? The NRA would be a good start. They do NOTHING for me, a gun owner except raise the price of ammo and guns with vague threats about boogie men coming to take my guns. They are in the employ of large corporations and do not have the average citizen in mind. "Obama Care" in IN THE INTEREST of most conservative idiots who listen to Rush (another shill for large rich corporations and wealthy people). It guarantees that a large corporate insurance company can't cherry pick only healthy people and refuse to cover "pre existing conditions" I'd really like to be a Republican but I can't afford it, I only make $100,000 a year. A whole lot of idiots who they have suckered in to their lies can't afford them either , they are just too stupid to understand that they are being taken for a ride.