Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PRESIDENT LAWBREAKER: This graphic needs to go viral

YoungCons points us to a NumbersUSA illustration that needs to go viral:

Hat tip: BadBlue News


Brian said...

This guy does whatever he wants, I quit caring after his re-election.

AnechoicRoom said...

Suppose they gave a war, for the survival of the United States of America. And no one showed up?

I believe we have already lost this battle. And I'm no quitter. We lost back when. All the politico's surrendered. Thinking they could wait foreign born, ISIS/Rebel Commander Hussein out. A mere game. Of no great consequence (are the new drapes, for my new office here yet?). Even some of the righty media, kinda sat on the sidelines, broadcasting from behind.

2016 doesn't even exist. As if there were some guarantee even? Of resecuring the White House and the government. From Traitors.

It is in fact, now bunker time people. And no, I don't have one. C'yall in hell .... oh wait, we're already here.

Spit on a sign (which reads: We Spit on You), hold the visible aloft, for McConnell to see. Then shout: WE SPIT ON YOU. You bug, you cockroach, you f**king filth. You deranged f**king lunatic.