Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama is not doing enough to wreck the country

By Lawrence Sellin

There are self-appointed mouthpieces for the illegal immigrant community, who have complained that Barack Obama did not go far enough with his executive order delaying deportation of new Democratic voters prior to the next Presidential election.

I agree.

I believe that the economy can potentially absorb five million additional gardeners and nannies. The challenge will be to create a corresponding number of rich young liberals to hire them.

I was relieved to hear that California Governor Edmund Gerald "Jerry" "Moonbeam" Brown, Jr., who has welcomed all five million amnesty recipients to his state, has proposed a new Middle Class tax that will subsidize wealthy left-wing yuppies to bridge the gap between a livable wage for illegal immigrants and that which liberals are willing to pay them. Brown sees this as a first step in his campaign to become the Democratic Party's candidate for President of Mexico in 2016.

Although I was concerned that Republicans might actually do something to block Obama's unprecedented usurpation of power, I was comforted to learn that the party of decalcified spinal columns has already excluded every possible course of action that might thwart additional attempts to undermine the Constitution and delay Obama's nationwide plan to create a North Korean version of Detroit.

While Republicans have the luxury of only needing to lie to conservatives, the Obama Administration and its mainstream media propaganda team have raised lying to an art form not seen since the demise of the Soviet Union.

There is no longer any attempt to disguise the tactics employed by the radical left Democratic Party, which fully endorses and shamelessly embraces lying and lawlessness as an "ends justify the means" approach to achieving their goals.

The media, formerly known as the people's watchdog, are now nothing more than clapping seals, who never miss an opportunity to mislead or under-report in order to nurture and protect the Democrats at the expense of journalistic integrity and the national interest.

In Mountain of Crumbs, a memoir of childhood in the 1960s and 1970s Soviet Union, Elena Gorokhova explains the meaning of "vranyo", the Russian word for a lie or half-truth:

"In Russia we played the ‘vranyo' game on a daily basis. The government lied to us, we knew they were lying, they knew we knew they were lying, but they kept lying anyway and we pretended to believe them. "

It is ironic that Democrats and the liberal press, contrary to our traditions and values, have succeeded in implementing a corrupt Soviet-style political-media culture, in a sense, doing the jobs that Americans won't do.

The Obama Administration now operates outside of any Constitutional constraints and has become entirely unaccountable to the American people, a situation where voting and petitioning the government are exercises in futility.

The Republican Party exists, not to restore the Constitution and limit government, but to hold endless inconclusive Congressional hearings and provide token political resistance in order to maintain the illusion of democracy while preserving their access to the federal revenue trough as junior members of the ruling class.

I, for one, am looking forward to ever more outrageous Obama executive orders as a prelude to a political equivalent of 9-11 and a much needed culling of the elected official and journalist herd.

Potential future Obama executive orders may include: enforcing gun control based on the United Nations Arms Treaty; closing Guantanamo Bay prison; limiting carbon emissions as part of his climate change agreement with the Chinese government; eliminating voter ID laws; expanding pre-kindergarten programs for minorities; issuing a Presidential pardon for himself; deporting the Koch brothers; making the National Cathedral a mosque; inviting ISIS to join NATO; declaring Ebonics as the official language of the United States; establishing a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender SEAL team; inaugurating Al Sharpton Appreciation Day; outlawing common sense, logic and the stating of facts as federal crimes; forbidding all future fundamental transformations of the United States.

What do you think?

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at


Anonymous said...

The GOP are dead to me. They have let me down for the last time. I'm DONE.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref: "The Obama Administration now operates outside of any Constitutional constraints and has become entirely unaccountable to the American people,..."

Not exactly my words but my thoughts were similar as far back as 2008... You could have said, "The Obama Administration has always operated outside of any Constitutional constraints and is entirely unaccountable to the American people,..." and be just as effective.

JeffersonOh said...

This article articulates exactly what Americans on the right have thought and endured for to many years. Well written.

The infusion of Constitutional thinking within Congress and the White House I suspect, won't happen until Americans are absolutely fed up to the point frustrations will lead to violence.

2ndSecuresTheRest said...

I have become really really tired of the false 'left/right' 'dem/repub' game where the repubs are excused as just weak or incompetent when the evidence of complicity is overwhelming. Talk radio is especially guilty of fostering this idiocy. The pendulum of Liberty has been swinging in one direction only for the last 100 years. Until we repeal whatever statutes allowed for a unionized Fedzilla organized against The People- and especially stop the SEIU etc. from filling millions of unionized Obamacare positions- we have NO chance of a peaceful reorganization of Washington DC and avoiding the collapse of our dollar and economy. I can only pray the freshmen Republicans kick out Boehner as clearly too weak or corrupt to lead; but why don't we try to get the Democrats to reform at the same time? The two parties are more alike than different, so if we dare apply logic the only real hope is a Liberty Party, and force the Republicans to join their sisters on the Left. Progressives, socialists, communists...the only difference is in degree, no? So enough of this one party charade. Does anybody think Jeb or Mitt is the answer to this mess? Mitt couldn't even run against naked Marxism for $&@#k's sake! How much more proof of complicity does anybody need?!? Goodbye RINO's--make that DemoReGressives; you're all the same.

Avraham said...

left wing politics has an element of emotion. Just think of the word "Marx." It gets you blood rushing as you clench your fists and scream out let take down the exploiters! All power to the Proletariat! Just think of the word "John Locke." It calms you down.It is not war cry but a lullaby.