Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Shut. It. Down.

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Shut. It. Down.: Erick Erickson
Debate over Amnesty is “between Obama and Obama”: Jazz Shaw
Video Found: Obama Admits He Stole Ideas From Jon Gruber: Sooper

ICE Agents Demoralized by Obama’s Treasonous Policies: MB
MO Gov. Nixon Declares State of Emergency, Activates Natl. Guard: Treehouse
Gruber Got Almost Ten Million Dollars Of "Stupid" Taxpayer's Money: Lid

Gruber, Again: Stupid Racist Floridians And ‘Awesome In Evilness': Sara Noble
A Legacy of LIberalism: Thomas Sowell
Congressman Hal Rogers’ Corrupt (But Legal) Bargain For Amnesty: CHQ

Romney Praises Jonathan Gruber’s ‘Econometric Model’: GotNews
Gov. Walker: I Could Run in 20 Years and Be Granny Clinton’s Age: JWF
Jonathan Gruber: “I Love the Hillary Clinton Plan”: GotNews


Why Dems Lack Working Class Appeal: It’s Immigration, Stupid: Dick Morris
Chinese Americans: Common Core same as China's Communist Core: Scoop
Poverty Causes Crime?: Dennis Prager

Scandal Central

Gruber: Obama personally asked me to help disguise unhelpful Obamacare facts: Guy Benson
Gruber-gate gets to Obama: ‘No, I did not’ mislead Americans: Noah Rothman
Obama Happily Jumps Into The Lies About Jonathan Gruber: DownTrend

Climate & Energy

Keystone pipeline vote will fail in the Senate: Mary Landrieu is toast: RS
Below freezing temperatures expected in all 50 states: The Week
Climate change was not to blame for the collapse of the Bronze Age: WUWT


Special Report airs devastating report on Gruber’s connection to Democrats and Obama: Scoop
The GOP punditocracy’s fear of winning: RS
American Voters Apparently Too Stupid to Understand that Obamacare is Working: Leon Wolf

5 Years Since ClimateGate: Ten Credibility-Killing Quotes the Media Ignored: MRC
Watch Rand Paul win over Bill Maher: RedAlert
It’s All Right, Ma, I’m Only Bleeding: Chris Floyd


Terrorist Attack In Israel – Four Praying Israelis Murdered in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack: Treehouse
In CNN Headline on Jerusalem Terror, Integrity is Another Casualty: CAMERA
Putin Targets the Scandinavians: AmInt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Benetti Launches the Veloce 140 Yacht: Robb Report
This Clever Design Could Replace Ugly QR Codes With Light: Gizmodo
The Internet in the era of VHS: CNet


What Miserable Drones And Traitors Have We Nourished And Promoted: Camp o' the Saints
The True Story of How Muhammad Discovered America: MOTUS
Isn't Jon Gruber the guy Bruce Willis threw out of Nakatomi Tower?: AWD

Image: Obama turns to McConnell to secure his legacy
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QOTD: "Obama was elected as an anti-war candidate and then picked as his vice president a man who voted for the war and both his secretaries of state voted for the war. Ha ha ha. Oh, you stupid voters.

Then there is global warming, a cockamamie theory that using oil and coal will burn up the planet. None of the computer models to date has predicted the temperatures accurately. In fact, even though we have hit a historic high for atmospheric carbon dioxide, temperatures remain below what they were 1,000 years ago.

But it is science, right. And you are stupid if you disagree. That Nobel Prize in Physics means nothing to them, Ivar Giaever. You're just another stupid denier to them.

You know who else was considered stupid? The people who could not see the Emperor's New Clothes in the Hans Christian Andersen story. Only when a boy shouted the emperor was naked did the crowd finally feel free to laugh at the buffoonery of their elite leader." --Don Surber


Anonymous said...

It is a heady thing to have an entire Country wait with bated breath to see what you will do. And how is Soetoro spending his time at night basking in his power and glory? "Chooming" the ceiling in the Oval Office(?), snorting coke(?), smoking cigarettes(?) and alcoholism? Social justice is heady stuff.

Anonymous said...

Climate Change models? If the science is settled, why do we need more than one model? Wow, think of all the money we can save just by clapping for Tinkerbell and believing these fools. Ask them which model is correct, and defund all the rest of the studies. No more conferences in exotic locations needed. End of Global Warming/Change/Scamming.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug.