Thursday, November 20, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Republicans Will Not Block Obama (Because They Want the Same Thing)

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Republicans Will Not Block Obama (Because They Want the Same Thing): Erick Erickson
Tell GOP Leaders: Fight Or Be Complicit: George Rasley
Emperor Obama I: Jon Gabriel

Obama Is About to Commit an Act of Constitutional Infamy: Peter Wehner
Government shutdown? GOP has a better strategy: Byron York
Obama Hosts Democrat-Only Dinner Ahead of Speech: VictoryGirls

Meet the snobocrats: Victor Davis Hanson
This Gruber-gate supercut video is positively enraging: Noah Rothman
IRS fears employees being “seized with spontaneous diarrhea”: LI

Thanks, Chris Christie: NJ number one magnet for illegal aliens: WyBlog
St. Louis Guns: “We’re Selling Everything That’s Not Nailed Down”: Bob Owens
Schlafly: Obama could launch another Civil War: Paul Bremmer


Amnesty and the minimum wage make strange bedfellows: John Hayward
School paid 26k to Gruber for speech where he called Americans stupid: DC
Obamacare is About to Bankrupt a Whole Bunch of Small Businesses: Leon Wolf

Scandal Central

Top ObamaCare Official Used Threats, ‘Tantrums’ to Push Website Launch Despite Concerns: JWF
D.C. police plan for future seizure proceeds years in advance in city budget documents: WaPo
How Obama Has Falsified Deportation Numbers to Fool America: Sooper

Brooklyn Woman On Ebola Monitoring List Drops Dead Bleeding From "Face, Mouth, Nose: ZH
Man Who Leaked DHS Pictures Branded a Terrorist: “You Will Be Incarcerated”: SHTFplan
With Executive Amnesty Looming, WH Stands by Obama Claim That He’s Not an Emperor: WFB

Climate & Energy

What the mainstream media wont tell you about global warming: Jeff Dunetz
Record Cold as Obama’s “Warming” Decrees Endanger Power Grid: Alex Newman
Snow Emergency: Seven Dead, 100+ Trapped in Monster Winter Storm: NBC


MSNBC Host: I can’t find ‘a single Democrat in Washington’ who says Obama’s amnesty is legal: RedAlert
WATTS: Lie Back And Think of Bloomberg: Bob Owens
Healthcare, Lies and Videotape: Froglegs

Gruber and Iraq WMD: a tale of two deceptions: RS
Liberal media attempts Hail Mary for Obama, by pretending to snub him: Obiter Dictum
Krauthammer: “I’ve Waited Long Enough” Is Something A Banana Republic Leader Would Say: Nice Deb


“Palestinian” Terrorists Killed More Americans in 2014 Than ISIS: Daniel Greenfield
Teaching Hate: Cal Thomas
Mahmoud Abbas - Both Sides of his Mouth: Joshua

Obama To American Voters, History and Precedent: F*** You: Glob
Russian Bombers Threaten Guam: WFB
Russia has moved Mig-31 interceptors close to the Ukrainian border: Aviationist

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Microsoft Azure thrown out of gear during a performance update: CIO
Is Texting Ruining Your Back?: ScienceWorld
12 Tips From Homicide Detectives: PoliceMag


aaaaand meme-ified: Walls of the City
Try it; You’ll Like It! Trust Me.: MOTUS
Sheriff Makes Social Media Plea To Obama Against Amnesty: MRCTV

Image: Detroit police not expecting riots, violence despite FBI warning preceding Ferguson decision
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QOTD: "The national record for snowfall in a 24-hour period is 76 inches, up in the mountains of Colorado. Some suburbs of Buffalo approached that amount on Tuesday — “possibly the highest 24hr snow in a populated area,” the National Weather Service Tweeted late Tuesday night." --Tom Yulsman

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CaptMorgan said...

They want the same thing and will blame the conservatives for splitting the caucus which will then serve as an excuse to do nothing.