Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Midterm Vindication of Ted Cruz

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The Midterm Vindication of Ted Cruz: Dan Spencer
Grassley’s revenge? Here’s hoping.: RS
Who *will* we get as a nominee for 2016?: Moe Lane

Second Jonathan Gruber video calling Americans stupid: FAM
A Wary Obama Lowballs Obamacare: AmInt
Liberal Mag: White House Keeps An Enemies List: DC

Gowdy Zings Obamacare Architect Gruber: Nice Deb
The Sore Loser: RS
Republicans Didn't Win the Midterms (They Just Lost Less): Ron Fournier

5,500 WA State Gun Owners Promise Mass Civil Disobedience: Federalist
Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced In Texas: Bob Owens
Ferguson Resident: ‘We are Getting Prepared for War’: CBS St. Louis


Walker Wins Again: WS
The rapid rise of Uber in DC for politicians and their staffs: AEI
Cuomo’s SAFE Act Forces Remington to Drop Another 126 Employees: MenRec

Scandal Central

Obama Refuses To Give Up His Dictatorship: NoisyRm
Wealth of Congress Jumps $150 Million : Roll Call
Behind Closed Doors, Shocking Comments About Civil Forfeiture: BuzzFeed

Loretta Lynch Belonged to Jew-Hating, Pro-Terror Group: GotNews
Behind the Don't Shoot Coalition in Ferguson: Lee Cary
Washington DC Police Chief Spits on the Constitution: MS Gun News

Climate & Energy

Placating the Envirogelicals With the Fierce Urgency of Eleven Years From Now: RS


Sharyl Attkisson on Mark Levin Show: There Is Now a Consensus That Obama Abuses Journalists: Nice Deb
The Media Would Like You to Forget Their Embarrassing Putin Worship: Seth Mandel
Pat Caddell: Obama A "Raging Narcissist Who Has No Grip On Reality": RCP

Liberal Goes Conservative: MB
Measure of a Man: Mark Levin Delivers Powerful Radio Performance of Holocaust Memoir: Breitbart
Nobody at Has Read The Fourteenth Amendment: RS

Trey Gowdy calls on Obama to 'repudiate' Obamacare architect for 'smoking gun' video: Exam
Colleagues Weigh In On “Stonewalled”: Sharyl Attkisson
CNN Hits New Ratings Low: TeaParty


Two Israelis Killed in Separate Knife Attacks Following PA Incitement: LI
Maryland School Board Strips Calendar of Christian, Jewish Holiday Names After CAIR Complains: WZ
Let Muslim primary school teachers wear full-face veil in class – Rowan Williams: Telegraph

We’re Veterans, Not Victims: Jon Gabriel
15 Most Touching Pictures of Veterans: MRC
November 17 Washington, D.C. News Conference On Edward Snowden’s KGB Connections: NoisyRm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Comet Landing: A Guide to a Spacecraft's Perilous Mission This Week: SciAm
US Postal Service Suspends Telecommuting Following Massive Data Breach: DarkReading
Scientists Uncover First Ever Evidence of Exploding Comet Striking Earth: SWR


Shocking Discovery: Pajama Boy Works at The Washington Post Defending Obamacare!: Sooper
Early Barry Etch-a-Sketch: IOTWReport
13 vintage photos of man's best friend: TheWeek

Image: The Traveller's Directory
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: TED CRUZ

QOTD: "...Obamacare remains incredibly unpopular. Actual public opinion polling shows that the public’s opinion is considerably more nuanced on this issue and that certain provisions of the law are very popular while others are not. But what the polling has consistently shown is that specifically, what is dragging down Obamacare’s popularity overall is the individual mandate penalty, which is far and away the most unpopular part (and widely known) feature of the law.

There may well be some unfortunate consequences of undoing the federal subsidies from the standpoint of the workability of the law itself, but negative public response will definitely not be one of them. In fact, it is hard to imagine, at least from a purely political standpoint, a more desirable result than having the individual mandate kicked out from under the law for a sizeable portion of America. The natural consequence of this is that millions of Americans will happily be freed from the mandate, whereas those who remain subject to it will likely see their premiums spike as a result, which will consequently make the law yet more unpopular in the eyes of the American public." --Leon Wolf

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