Monday, November 03, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Vote Like Your Constitution Depends On It . . . Because It Does

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Vote Like Your Constitution Depends On It . . . Because It Does: Kurt Schlichter
Obama Orders Insurers to Withhold New Prices Until After Midterms: Publius
Well-financed Democrat Lies Won’t Confuse Blacks This Time: Star Parker

The democrats Are Unable to Handle Civilization: House of Eratosthenes
Frightening Spanish-Language Ad Tars Tea Party as Terrorists: Sara Noble
Ebola, Etc: Taking DenyQuil – #AmericasGotDisease: Camp o' the Saints

The Love Affair Ends: Erick Erickson
2014 Elections as Rashomon: RS
Obama administration officials remain clueless: Oklahoman

#GASen Candidate Michelle Nunn won't say how she'd vote on Obamacare: WZ
Scott Brown takes small lead over Jeanne Shaheen: FAM
Governor's race in 'deep-blue' Maryland now among tightest: Fox


ObamaCare Embarrassment: More Lose Insurance Than Gain It: MinorityReport
What an intact family has to do with the American dream, in six charts: AEI
Why The Russian Central Bank Can't Defend The Ruble: Frances Coppola

Scandal Central

Kay Hagan And The Vanishing Story Of Her Family Getting Stimulus Money: WZ
FBI Announces Investigation of GOP Senate Candidate Days Before Election: Andrew Branca
Is Your Home Town On The List Of Places Where ICE Released Criminal Illegal Aliens?: LoneCon

Climate & Energy

Are You Ready For Higher Taxes Due To Govt “Climate Change” Regulation?: Cove
Election 2014’s biggest loser: Climate change agenda: John Ruberry
New Zealand’s Temperature Record challenged by new skeptical paper: WUWT


Ambush Interviews and Double Standards: WFB
Hysterical Media Tells us to Calm Down: Ann Coulter
Charlotte Newspaper Deep-Sixes Late Story on Hagan Self-Dealing Stimulus Scandal: Tim Graham

And Then They Came For Me: MinorityReport
Voter Malaise: Jen Kuznicki
AP Exclusive: Ferguson no-fly zone aimed at media: AP

Panic Reigns Throughout Drive-By Media: EIB
Meet The Press Insists Repealing ObamaCare Is ‘So Retro’: NB
Another illegal alien ‘Dreamer’ heckles Barack Obama at campaign speech: Scoop

SEIU’s Day of the Dead Voter: Bill McMorris
A bunch of the celebrities in that Rock the Vote ad didn’t, in fact, vote.: Moe Lane
Today’s Signing Event At TCU Is Canceled: Dana Loesch


Why Obama Hates Netanyahu: Daniel Greenfield
Boko Haram: If You Knew The State Your Daughters Are In, You Might Die From Grief: Sara Noble
Syria said to step up barrel bombings as world shifts focus: Times of Israel

It was Obama himself who called Netanyahu ‘chickensh***': Unyielding
Video: ISIS Enjoying ‘Slave Market Day’, Buying Yazidi Women: WZ
J Street: Pro-progressive, not pro-Israel: Paul Miller

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

#EndTheWarOnScience: MOTUS
Insurance, Innovation & the Internet of Things: Mark Breading
Apple Watch Launching in 'Spring' According to Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts: Richard Padilla


Watch this video today and pass it on... today: R&R
"This is what a feminist who exploits women looks like": American Digest
Slamming Boss Against Wall, Shouting ‘I Need More Cash!’ Still Leading Tactic For Securing Raise: The Onion

Image: #EndTheWarOnScience
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QOTD: "At a recent hearing conducted by the Virginia legislature, federal Health and Human Services official Joanne Grossie told lawmakers that people shouldn’t view the cancellation of insurance policies due to Obamacare as losing insurance. It’s really an “invitation” to get another policy, Grossie said.

“If you got one of the notices that your policy was going to be discontinued because it didn’t adhere to the law, it meant that now you could go into the health insurance marketplace,” she said. “So, I just want to remind you that you weren’t losing insurance; you were just losing that insurance plan and were now being invited to go into the health insurance marketplace.”

...Your wages haven’t been stagnant thanks to President Obama’s economic policies. You’ve merely been “invited” to live an increasingly frugal lifestyle. You weren’t fired from your job. You were “invited” to look for other employment opportunities. Your spouse didn’t divorce you. You were merely “invited” to return to the single life." --The Oklahoman


Anonymous said...

1 hour later….wow American Digest is a cool site, thanks for that Doug

The_Bad said...

Many thanks for the link, sir.

John The River said...

Too many close elections that don't exceed the margin of fraud. I'm afraid the GOP is in for a shock and a huge disappointment.

So after the peaceful method of enacting change, the ballot box, fails then what?