Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Democrats launch next phase of Obama deification iconography: U.S. flag substitutes Obama's face for stars

Think you've become inured to the litany of affronts that this administration has levied upon the American people? Let's just call this the Obama Outrage D'jour.

Saw this over at Ace’s place, where a county Democratic Party headquarters flew a flag with Obama’s face on it. 

The story is here and more pictures are here.

Ace suggests we call it "The 57th Star Flag".

I'm settling for "f***ing abomination", but not one that's necessarily unexpected coming from the master of demagogic iconography.

I couldn't help but notice:

Yeah, I know it's a violation of Godwin's Law, but still.

And no, Obama's not Hitler.

But still. Is it just me, or are the similarities somehow there? And don't get me started on Obama's "Truth Teams".

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Dapandico said...

Didn't a Florida home owners association try to force a WWII to take down his American Flag?

The_Bad said...

Doug: for your consideration, I have a few more examples for you.

Hitler Hands


Barack Lennin

Feel free to co-opt these images.

Varagi said...

IMO, the picture of Obama they chose for the flag isn't even a flattering picture of him. I think I've seen that picture of him more often on right-wing sites, intending to /not/ give a flattering representation of him.

Anonymous said...

No other Presidential candidate has ever used an abstract symbol to "brand" his person and ideology. And no elected President has employed such a symbol once in office, distinct from his traditional political party symbols. But use of an instantly recognizable abstract symbol is essential in totalitarian systems, whether the Nazi swastika, Fascist fasces and axe, or Communist hammer and sickle. The fact that Obama encourages the use of "his" O symbol in whatever he does, even in official activities, reminds us of how totalitarian parties engulf even normal governmental bureaucracies. Communist party officials took over all aspects of government, to the point that the line between party and government disappeared. It appears Obama has the same tendencies. This is unprecedented in American history and should ring alarm bells everywhere.