Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Administration's Free Rider Admission to the High Court

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Administration's Free Rider Admission to the High Court: CNS
Scalia quickly punctures the entire premise of Obamacare: Peth
Justice Scalia to Obama’s solicitor general: ‘We’re not stupid': DC

Constitution Law Epic Fail: NoisyRm
Day 2: ‘Train wreck for the Obama administration’: Malkin
Obamacare In Anthony Kennedy's Hands: AmSpec


Romney's advisor thinks Obama's Iran policy is terrific: Glick
Is Obama Killing His Senators?: Morris
Video: Florida Dems Paying People To Protest Allen West: MBT


The war on Wisconsin: Malkin
Obama's 2nd term: 40% tax hike, including on middle class: Peth
It's Official! Fed Now Buying Rock Solid Euro Bonds: ZH

Job Killers: Stossel
Chart Demonstrates Clear Financial Benefits of Obamacare: TLS
OWS Occupied Union Square: The Smoking Weed Edition: Urban Infidel


#FAIL: Democrat/MSM narratives fall apart in tragic #TrayvonMartin case: Toldjah
Spike Lee Tweets Zimmerman’s Address, Only It’s Wrong; Elderly Couple Now Lives in Fear: AllAm
Report: Trayvon Was the Aggressor, According to the Evidence: Patterico

Bounty-hunting Panther arrested for illegal firearm possession: WZ
Registered Democrat Killed Trayvon: Beacon
Trayvon protest turns ugly: High schoolers loot Fla. Walgreen’s: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Former Navy SEAL: Obama Using 'Classic Soviet Tactics' To Put U.S. In “Throes Of a Cold Civil War”: Nice Deb
Bolton: Obama’s Open-Mic Comments to Medvedev a ‘Fire Bell in the Night’: Bruce
DOJ 'Deeply Disturbed' by Leaked Fast and Furious Information: MainJustice

Climate & Energy

Coal Slotted to Die in America Tomorrow: RIP: Reason
As Promised… Obama Moves in to Kill Coal Industry With Onerous New EPA Regs: GWP
EPA Emission Rules To Effectively Ban New Coal Plants; Is Fracking Next?: IBD

Why, under the EPA’s new regulation, electricity prices will "necessarily skyrocket": Q&O
Study: Entire Planet Heated Up During Medieval Times Without Any Human CO2 Emissions: WZ
EPA CO2 Regulation Effectively Bans New Coal Facilities: Foundry


CNN on ObamaCare at SCOTUS: “This was a train wreck for the Obama administration,”: Bruce
Former NAACP leader CL Bryant calls out Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for exploiting Trayvon Martin: Scoop
Wanda Sykes: GOP Field's So Weak It Should Surrender, South Is Toothless: NB

Race, exploitation, and the press in America: Fortnightly Review
Black Men Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Arrested For Murder of White Mississippi State Student: JWF
Human Events Faces Shakeup, Layoffs: MediaBistro

Sinners In the Hands of Anthony Kennedy: Erickson
Compare The Left’s Reaction To Gabrielle Giffords And Trayvon Martin: Glob
Beastmode: Ragin' Cajun Blasts Individual Mandate: Beacon


Islamist Fellow Travelers: An IPT Series: IPT
Iran's plan for a second Holocaust must be stopped: AEI
Is This Thing On?: ForPol

Dennis Kucinich, Democrat Leftist for Radical Islam: Pipes
Forex: Silent run on euro periphery banks?: NASDAQ
Blaring sirens warn students of more rockets from Gaza: JWeekly

BBC reveals huge scale of honour attacks in Britain, fails to mention word “Islam”: Creeping
British Student Jailed over a Tweet: Cato
In Gaza, a PR power struggle: JPost

Report: Hamas, Iran coordinate response to Israel strike: ynet
A Warning Voice From Across the Water: Elephant
Does Obama have Israel's back or just the UN's?: Bayefsky


Popcorn Packs Antioxidants, Study Finds: ABC
Using Facebook At Work Makes Employees Happy: Insider
iPhone passcode cracking is easier than you think: CNet


Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons: MOTUS
New Zimmerman/Martin Pics for Liberal Media Use: MB
Breaking: Liberal ‘Mainstream’ Media Releases New Photos Of Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman: SHN

Image: iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "Every time the left wins an argument expanding the meaning of the constitution, the Court somehow got it right. Every time the left loses an argument over the constitution, the Court somehow became politicized. And while the right says the same on the opposite cases there is a fundamental difference.

The right’s position on constitutional jurisprudence boiled down to its essence is that every man and woman in America should be able to read the constitution and have a fair understanding of it and how government is supposed to work. One cannot read the constitution and legitimately understand exactly how an abortion right is extrapolated out of the Bill of Rights. Likewise, one cannot read the constitution and understand how a Congress of limited powers can compel any person to purchase a product he does not want.

...We have complicated our tax code, our regulations, and our legal system. In each we must now pay self-appointed experts trained in the art of gobbledegook to parse words, divine intent, and lobby for exceptions that prove rules... Our nation is no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of elites who interpret those laws for us. It has all led to a very logical place." --Erick Erickson

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