Friday, March 16, 2012

Revealed: President Obama's REAL Tournament Bracket

Hat tip: Richard Baehr.


matthew w said...

Oh please !!
The Chevy Volt loses to Russia??

soopermexican said...

I'm disappointed that Latinos lost in the sweet sixteen. Though if we had to play against the illegals, that woulda been bloody.

Mo said...

I told my son that the son-of-a-bitch POTUS picked Missouri and I would bet they would lose today. Turned out to be a good bet. I can't blame Obama for all the world's ills, but he is the freakin' kiss-of-death for sports teams..and the U.S. of A. He reliably picks wrong, and if we pick HIM again, as a nation, we're also going to go down.

I'm really trying hard to think of one thing Obama has done right...ok, I'll give up. Oh wait...he tells lies with no facial twitches, no tells...he is a truly gifted sociopath and gifted liar. Not everyone can do it so naturally, but he is the epitome of the old saying "how do you know he's lying? His lips are moving."

Everyone has their own unique talents...I wonder if I can find out who else he picked and put down some good bets on it? Might make out like a bandit..or a Democrat Congressperson!