Sunday, March 18, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives

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2012 Elections

Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives: Marathon
Santorum's Progress in GOP Race is Historic: NatlJrnl
Santorum: When In the Course of Human Events: CFP


Obama’s History Lesson: Steyn
Obama's Canary Is Sick: Surber
Who Looks Dumb Now?: CDN

Michelle: $3 Can Buy His Love: Beacon
Carville: Obama Weak, Can Be Beat: Times
What is Obama's National Defense Preparedness Order?: RWN


“Breitbart Is Here” Signs Greet #Occupy Goons to St. Louis: GWP
Jerry Brown's Plan B: RWN
'Is the economy recovering for you?': WSJ

Scandal Central

Friday document dump: Holder’s DOJ releases more on ‘Fast and Furious’: DC
Yet Another Solyndra Weekend Doc Dump: Malkin
Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law?: ProWis

Climate & Energy

'Nice Weather' Making Obama a 'Little Nervous': WS
Obama Weekly Address: Lower Gas Prices By Eliminating Gov’t Subsidies to Oil Companies: Malkin
"It Is On": Ramirez


Stuff that people think they know: JPA
When Wall Street Makes Crap Loans It's a Crisis; When Steven Chu Does, It's "Green Energy": Reason
Politico Notices How Bad Obamacare's Been: RS

New Government Ad Pushes Food Stamps: CDN
Not News: Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Calls For 'Destruction of All Churches in Region': Blumer
Here’s the Obama Movie You Won’t Hear About From the Lame Media: LoneCon


Obama's Muslim adviser criticizes Assad for not being able to deliver "resistance to Israel": JihadWatch
How one man escaped from a North Korean prison camp: Guardian
Colombian soldiers killed in Farc ambush: BBC


Here Are 14 Awesome Gadgets For Under $100: Insider
Big Brother Goes Live September 2013: ZH
Einstein vindicated: Neutrinos not speeding after all: Times


Show This to the Gun-Grabbers: iOTW
10 George Clooney Crimes, According to Witter: ABC
Former Mr. Universe turns 100 in India: CNS

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Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "I don't think there is anything new except for the fact that the administration is showing less pretense in trying to pretend it is not running. I don't think Obama has governed since election day in 2010. Certainly after the debt ceiling issue in August he's been campaigning full time. Can anybody name a single piece of legislation, a single proposal, a single speech he's gave that has been designed for anything other than to boost his constituencies, mainly women, Hispanics and youth? He's lost the enthusiasm. He hasn't had a good record. He needs to gin up the base...

...So these people create out of nothing the war on women, immigration legislation that Obama knows has no chance of passing, giveaways like student loans. That is all he has been doing for the last year and he'll continue to do it until election day. We don't essentially have a government, what we have is a campaign." --Charles Krauthammer

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Anonymous said...

Regarding QOTD, I am not so sure that Obama campaigning instead of governing is a bad thing....but the executive orders and regulators need to go.