Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not suitable for concealed carry. Unless you're Fat Bastard or Michael Moore. But I repeat myself.

Daddy like:

With the Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol ($TBA), you can fire two bullets with a single hand...

Built in part to commemorate the Colt 1911-A1, this new pistol — given the model number AF2011-A1 — shoots two .45 caliber rounds at a time, accurately, and spaced incredibly close — at 15 yards, both rounds will fit into an orange — yet still manages to use a number of interchangeable internal parts, which can be swapped with standard 1911 replacement parts. Available in silver or black finishes.

Consider this the handgun equivalent of the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shotgun.

Hat tip: Marfdrat.


vanderleun said...

Ran across this sweetheart last week.

If you'd like to watch it in action try

Chaz said...

What if you're shooting a fat bastard/zombie?

You could use both bullets in a situation like that!

OldSouth said...
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