Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al Gore Hardest Hit: Most Polar Ice Ever Recorded

Didn't the pudgy grifter named Al Gore claim that the polar ice caps would melt completely "in just a few years?"

Turns out that Climategate was only the beginning. The United Nations' global warming scam (which is the term they prefer, I hear) is unraveling faster than a pair of Michael Moore's spandex bike shorts.

Exhibit 4,035? March 6, 2012 represented the "Most polar ice ever recorded":

So much for an ice-free Arctic. Henry Hudson’s long-ago dream of a Northwest Passage that would link England to the Orient by sea will have to wait another century as Mother Earth gives him the cold shoulder. Again.

From Real Science: “1979 was the peak year for Arctic ice, yet 2012 has more ice around Greenland and Alaska than 1979 did.”

Same date satellite data seems to show that Iceland and everywhere else is iced over this year when they were feeling a little green 33 years ago.

Of course, our moral and intellectual superiors elsewhere in the press keep banging the drums of Man Caused Global Warming.

Don Surber has the rest.

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