Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looking for a conservative news portal? BadBlue is "like Lucianne or Drudge but more comprehensive"

That's a direct quote from Ace of Spades' Maetenloch, describing the new conservative news aggregator BadBlue.com.

BadBlue automatically monitors over 500 blogs, news sites and web periodicals and ranks each of their stories based upon social media mentions and other factors. Stories are exhaustively reviewed in near real-time, 24 hours a day, to determine which make the front page:

Especially fast-moving stories are highlighted in color. Let's take a closer look at a couple of examples:

Here we've highlighted two stories. The top story ("Just posted: The #Sharptontapes: MSNBC's hate-monger lets loose...") is blue, which means it's rising quickly in popularity on the social networks. The source of the story ("Malkin") is Michelle Malkin's popular site and is followed by its popularity (53) and the number of clicks (in this case, the story is brand new and hasn't received any clicks). The second story ("Is Obama Running Against Sarah Palin?") comes from the Power Line blog and also has a popularity ranking of 53. It's received 21 click-throughs.

You can chart the popularity of each story by clicking on the story's permalink icon (the small ∞ symbol) or any of the popularity numbers. Here's the popularity of a story from the award-winning Shark Tank blog.

The permalink page also has a comments section.

By clicking on the site name (e.g., "Malkin" or "Power" in the above examples), you can get a list of the most popular stories from each site. Here's an example using the blog Creeping Sharia:

The executive summary?

It's news for conservatives. Always fresh. Always relevant. 24 by 7, 365. Or 366, in this case. It's BadBlue.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely getting better, easier to read.

Anonymous said...

BadBlue is in my top 5.

Anonymous said...

I love bad blue and it's a regular visit for me. I try to promote it, but I'm always met with the same criticism: it's cluttered and disorganized.

You'll see a story on Topic A in the upper left, upper right, 10 stories down, 20 stories down, etc.

For most people, organizing by subject is more appealing than organizing by how a story is "trending".

I tend to agree. I think if you were able to tackle that problem, lots of conservatives would start coming here more.

Best of Luck.