Monday, March 19, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Progressivism and the authoritarian impulse

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Progressivism and the authoritarian impulse: ProWis
Holder in '95: We Must "Brainwash People" to Control Guns: Breit
Biden Booed at Pittsburg St. Patrick’s Parade: ConCom

ObamaCare: Twice as expensive, and getting worse: Hayward
Surprise: Health Care Wasn't Broken: AEI
2001: Eric Holder used 9/11 to argue for more gun control: Scoop


Big Labor's Big Bucks: WS
Cheap Money, Expensive Gas: Events
WI: 29 sitting judges signed 'Recall Scott Walker' petition: CapPrev

Causes of the Crisis: Samuelson
Smartest President Ever Not So Hot at Negotiation: Instapundit
Will Apple Announce "The Dividend" Tomorrow?: ZH

2012 Elections

If the Presidential Election Were Held Today...: Mead
The Romney Fiscal Record: the 800 lb. gorilla: RWN
Romney wins in Puerto Rico while focused on Illinois: Fox

Scandal Central

Gun-tracking operation caught top suspect, then let him go: LAT
Fast and Furious scandal update shows whistleblower risks: Examiner
Another F&F ‘doc dump’ as interest renewed in probe: Examiner

Climate & Energy

Flashback to 2009: Administration Policies Sought to Discourage ‘Overproduction’ of Oil: RS
Gosh, Wally, I guess President Obama was serious about shutting down the coal industry: Paco
Obama continues faux class warfare attack on Oil Industry tax breaks: CapPrev


‘Intellectual Bankruptcy’, Dr. Krugman?: RS
Rush move to Twitter has boycott organizers worried: LI
NYT confirms Islam a violent religion, runs anti-Catholic ad but won’t run identical anti-Islam ad: Creeping

Humor-Deficient Charles Johnson Sides With #Occupy Movement vs. NYPD: RSM
NPR's anti-Apple activist lied about working conditions: Breitbart
The Killing Of Trayvon Martin Is Not A ‘Black Problem’: Mediaite

This was not the first time Soledad O’Brien tried to rewrite history : Flopping Aces
Alexandra Pelosi "is declining to understand the critique": Althouse
Staffers Say Working With Liberal Hero Rosie O’Donnell a “F***ing Hellhole”: WZ


Obama Preps for a ‘Non-Emergency’ Named Iran: NoisyRm
Money, career woes reportedly plagued Afghan killings suspect: Fox
Egypt, Hamas spar over Gaza electricity crisis: JPost

Iran's War in Gaza: ForPol
Four Shot Dead Outside Jewish School in France: BBC
Syrian Rebels Detonate Deadly Car Bomb For Second Day In a Row: WZ

The Best Quotes From David Horowitz’s “Left Illusions”: Hawkins
Mexican cartel says no violence during papal visit: Fox
Cuba detains 70 Ladies in White ahead of pope visit: Reuters


Report: Tablets helping improve news consumption: CNS
Building Blocks: Awesome Lego Science Models: Wired
Here’s What Happens When Our Nation’s Capital Is Nuked: Gizmodo


This Is Your Life, Barack Obama: Granny Jan
Chinese farmer gets 13 years for Forbidden City theft: Reuters
We Are Sooo Wearin’ O’ the Green: MOTUS

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QOTD: "The facts are pretty simple. As a matter of both science and reality, battery technology is neither good enough nor cheap enough to supply American needs relating to transportation. Even were there batteries available for vehicles, the cost of conversion for the tens of millions of cars on the road right now would be cost prohibitive and increasing fuel standards, resulting in smaller and smaller cars, penalize families. Try piling a family of four in a Prius for a trip to grand mom’s house for Spring Break. The luggage and leg room will make for an exciting time.

Even beyond the family car, a battery will not put an 18 wheeler on the road, a 747 in the air, or a locomotive on its rails. Americans depend on crude oil right now and in the future. To cling to the hope of a battery that can meet American automotive needs is anti-science and as realistic as fueling our future with unicorn farts. See Charles Lane at the Washington Post for more on the President’s crusade against science.

This President’s policies have done everything possible to drive up the price of crude oil in hopes that some mythical unicorn fart, solar panel, or battery will come online quickly enough to meet American needs. It is not happening. Going back to May of 2009, the President insisted on discouraging the “overproduction of oil” as potentially damaging to our national security. If only we had a President who understood supply and demand."--Erick Erickson

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