Friday, March 23, 2012

Remember, it's NOT a death panel: it's just a 15-member board of central planners required to cut $500 billion from Medicare

I mean, it can't be a "death panel", right? It's just a small group of really, really, super-smart people that has to find $500 billion in savings from Medicare, while the Baby Boomers start retiring.

Created in the 2010 health care law, this powerful, 15-member government board is charged with implementing $500 billion in Medicare cuts over the coming decade. The resultant savings will be used to help pay for President Obama’s new health care entitlement, which the Congressional Budget Office recently said will cost significantly more than originally projected.

...[It] may not be a “death panel,” but it is a legal and moral monstrosity. Here, in my opinion, are its “seven deadliest sins.”

1. It will hurt patients. IPAB’s job is to find savings, but it’s barred from implementing or even proposing reforms that would change how the massive Medicare program works. Instead, it’s been given a single tool, a chainsaw. It can only cut reimbursements for doctors and hospitals. If cuts of this sort are allowed to take effect, it will inevitably lead to rationing and care-denials, because Medicare reimbursement rates are already low and cutting them further will force many providers to stop accepting Medicare patients. This could be especially bad for rural and disabled patients.

2. It will hurt doctors and hospitals. The cuts will, in effect, force health care providers to choose between seeing fewer Medicare patients and going bankrupt. Some providers will do both. Right after ObamaCare passed, the top numbers-cruncher at Medicare estimated that IPAB’s 10-year cuts will put 15 percent of America’s hospitals out of business

3. It’s undemocratic. The panel’s decisions carry the force of law, unless two-thirds of each house of Congress votes to stop them—a high bar—and are not permitted to be reviewed by any court.

4. It’s unaccountable. IPAB is exempt from the “sunshine” laws that apply to virtually every other board and commission. It doesn’t have to hold public meetings, consider public input on its proposals, or even make transcripts of its deliberations publicly available. Meanwhile, it “may accept, use, and dispose of gifts or donations of services or property,” providing a not-so-subtle invitation to health-industry lobbyists to lavish board members with favors and goodies in hopes of influencing their decisions.

5. It’s corruption-prone. [It encourages] lobbyists to lavish board members with favors and goodies in hopes of influencing their decisions.

6. Its budget is shielded from congressional scrutiny. IPAB’s annual operating budget is exempt from annual congressional budgetary review like other agencies. Instead, its funding is on auto-pilot, drawn directly out of the Medicare trust funds. Incidentally, a job at IPAB is nice work, if you can get it. Salaries start at $165,300 for the board members, $179,700 for the chairman, and up to $145,700 per employee—plus travel and expenses.

7. It’s unconstitutional. IPAB is an “unconstitutional trifecta”: an executive agency wielding legislative power that's immune to judicial oversight. In effect, it is the sole judge of the laws that it creates and executes. Such an accumulation of powers would have horrified our Founding Fathers, who believed, as Madison put it in "Federalist 47," that “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands ... may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

The IPAB is tyranny writ large.

If you think it's not a death panel, I urge you to consider what $500 billion in cuts will mean to the Baby Boomer generation.


Anonymous said...

Jail these slobs.

CC said...

It will bring medical advances from research to an absolute standstill.
No business is going to want to pour billions into medical research with no expectation of return on their investment

SirKnob said...

This will not stand and the reasoning is realitively simple.

Our government is controlled by liberal lawyers who believe that the only right people should be allowed to have is the right to hire an attorney. There is no justice, no truth, no fair, no fact, no reality. Only the right to win based on whatever your charismatic attorney can sell a judge or jury.

That being said. Any government program that takes away judicial review, or minimizes lawsuits,or does not allow attorneys to make money, will not be supported by our unjusticed judicial system.

Like Hacker Vs EPA. The Supremes ruled 9 to 0 in favor of the Hackers. The EPA's oversight was taking the judicial review, money for courts and attorneys, out of the mix.

This law will not stand :-)