Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: GOP Primary Results: Santorum Wins AL and MS

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2012 Elections

GOP Primary Results: Santorum Wins AL and MS: RSM
Is Obama running against Sarah Palin?: Power Line
Palin to Obama: I'll debate you anytime, anywhere: Hot Air

Trump Tells Santorum to “Get Out;” Wins AL and MS Instead: Bruce
Not Closing the Deal: Erickson
Losing, Newt sets new goal: Keep Mitt from 1,144: Exam


Obamacare Cost Jumps $111B, No One Notices: Power Line
The entire Obama presidency, in one anecdote: Peth
Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people: IBD

HHS Finalizes Rules: Obamacare Will Fund Abortions: WZ
"Game Change", Fluke Share Obama-linked PR Firm: Riehl
Granholm Goes Off the Rails: Wolf Howling

Finding out what's in it: Abortion coverage in Obamacare: Pundette
"Catholic Lite Brigade" tries to undermine the bishops: Pundette
TX Planned Parenthood CEO arrested for indecent exposure: Jawa


Surprise: Obamacare's Price Tag Nearly Doubles: Townhall
Non-shocker of the day: AFL-CIO endorses Obama: Twitchy
2,000+ Page ObamaCare Creates Another 640 Pages On Exchanges: Cove

Economy Actually Lost 2.7 Million Jobs in January: Morris
Obamcare raising costs, forcing workers out of existing plans: AEI
Strategy Memo Details Liberal PR Plan to Promote Obamacare: Foundry

Scandal Central

Highway bill amendment defeated that would have sent billions to Soros, Pickens, Douglas companies: Events
Chu Admits Obama Bundler Pressed to Finalize Solyndra Loan: Beacon
Obama's failed energy policies: WaPo

Climate & Energy

No Warming For 17 Years – Game, Set, Match: Real Science
ABC/WaPo: 65% Disapprove of Obama Handling of Gas Prices; Salazar: President Feels Your Pain: Malkin
Rising gas prices can be directly attributed to Obama’s failed energy policy: Q&O

The real oil production numbers Obama doesn’t want you to see: Q&O
Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears: AT
Energy Shares Suffer 'Gas' Pangs: WSJ


MSNBC's Goose and Rush's Gander: AmSpec
Media Baffled as Obama’s Approval Among Women Craters: JWF
Ford, Sony, Amex will work with Gawker, but not conservative talk radio: LI

Underexposed President To Talk Basketball On Halftime Show During NCAA Game: WZ
Obama Approval Hits New Low — Turns Out Women Buy Gas Too: Powers
Why the Bell-Obama Connection Matters: Shapiro

Firing at Breitbart when he can’t fire back: Pollak
Bigot Bill Maher dubs Deep South primary “Toothless Tuesday”: Twitchy
AP: None Of Obama’s Problems Are His Fault: S&L

Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people: IBD
What's the matter with Soledad O'Brien?: Malkin
Vile Twitter account mocking Breitbart’s widow suspended: Twitchy


Obama: I’m “Generally Proud” of American Troops…: WZ
Afghan Taliban Vow to Behead U.S. Soldiers, Obama Flies Off to Watch Basketball: JWF
Muslim ‘Skank Lists’ in Dearborn?: Creeping

Pics From the Front: WZ
First Look at the Secret Iranian Site the U.N. Wants to Inspect: AtlWire
Chinese Spies Use Fake Facebook Pages to Gain Intel: DefTech

Obama loses the real war: Surber
Haaretz Wikileaks exclusive / Bahrain King boasted of intelligence ties with Israel: Haaretz
Sarkozy’s cry for help: Marsden


New Israeli Machine Gun: Military
Lifelock Dinged $12 Million for Deceptive Business Practices: Wired
A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work: Wired


How I Became a Hate Group: Sultan Knish
WWII soldier's diary supports claim Hitler fathered French love child: Fox
Homeless people turned into walking Wi-Fi hotspots in 'charitable experiment': Fox

Image: Weasel Zippers
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QOTD: "In November of 1985, the Harvard Law Review published a seminal article of Critical Race Theory, written by Derrick Bell, and edited by a student, Elena Kagan. The same article was cited by Professor Charles Ogletree and by President Obama as support for her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010. The article defines the Constitution as a form of “original sin”. A similar view has been expressed by President Obama in referring to the flaws of the Constitution. Most of the article is fiction and meant as a parable. Unfortunately, the parables of a racist are now becoming institutionalized within our legal system." --Skook, Flopping Aces

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OCBill said...

No warming in 17 years? Gee, I was just watching documentary, "In the Path of a Killer Volcano", about the eruption of Mt Pinatubo in 1991. In the documentary, it said the ash from the eruption could result in a cooling of the earth for up to five years.

So 1991 plus five years equals 1996. If you figure that the maximum cooling effect would have been in the first year, then gradually fading over the following five years, the last year of re-warming after the eruption would have been 1996, roughly sixteen years ago.

Probably just a coincidence.