Thursday, March 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Four Thoughts on the Individual Mandate Argument

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Four Thoughts on the Individual Mandate Argument: Kerr
The Folly Of The Government's Argument Today: Denninger
Thoughts on the Individual Mandate Oral Argument: Somin

Has the Pro-ACA Side Come up with a “Limiting Principle?”: Volokh
More Than Just Broccoli: American
Scalia likens Obamacare to cruel and unusual punishment: Beacon

RNC Releases Embarrassing Audio Of Obama Lawyer: NiceDeb
“Justices poised to strike down entire healthcare law”: ProWis
Government Case for Obamacare Is In Shambles: IBD


MO Governor Nixon: For Sale or Rent: Mommentary
The identity politics industry; unraveling the civil society: ProWis
Couple who fled home after Spike Lee tweet hires law firm: Driscoll

Wisconsin's Beseiged Leaders Need Tea Party's Help: Malkin
Guide to “White Hispanic” Skin Color for Gringo Media!: SooperMex
Trayvon Martin: The pictures are worth a thousand words: JPA

The Bankrupt Race Card: Sultan Knish
A Post-Racial Lynch Mob: Coulter
I blame Palin: 'Kill Zimmerman' Twitter Account Launched: Breitbart


Bernanke on Obama's Job Numbers: 'He's Makin' S*** Up To Get Reelected': HyScience
Democrat Budget Resolution Raises Taxes by $2 TRILLION: ATR
Seven of Obamacare’s Biggest Failures from the Last Two Years: Foundry


Newsweek: Cheney Should Have Left His New Heart to Someone Not Seen as a 'War Criminal and Evildoer': NB
Could Obamacare have unintended consequences? Don’t ask the Associated Press: DC
CNN Says: Not Everyone Hates Obama-Care: S&L

Great News: Black Rapper Calls For Race Riots Over Trayvon Martin Killing: GWP
NY Man Convicted of Hizballah Support: IPT
Media Matters writer 'sorry' after blasting Drudge for Martin photo: Fox

The Left’s War On Women: A Day In The Life Of Michelle Malkin On Twitter (Explicit Language): Hawkins
@Soledad_OBrien’s Unpopularity Destroys Morning Ratings for CNN: RSM
MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin Defends Sharpton Protesting in Trayvon Martin Case While Also Covering It: NB


The real Obama Doctrine revealed: Gimme space: Pletka
Cuba: The Pope’s shameful trip: Fausta
Rove: Obama's Open-Mic Russia Comment Could Sink Re-election: Max

Obama Groveling Before Russians Fulfills 2008 Promise: IBD
More Attacks on Jews in France: Mead
State Department hits bottom, digs deeper: Matzav

Questioning Obama's 'Secret Plans': Beacon
All the Pravda: Sultan Knish
Socialism claims another victim: Portugal's meltdown leaves families destitute: WaPo


Is This The Perfect Sexting App?: Insider
U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War: WSJ
Google Scared This 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Into Changing His Idea... Now Worth More Than $500 Million: Insider


Saturday Blonde Joke: Denny
Why Is Bill Maher an Atheist?: Looking Spoon
MSNBC: The Government Lawyer for ObamaCare Is Like a Fifth Grader: Glob

Image: Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "...companies need to make major changes in the way they use computer networks to avoid further damage to national security and the economy. Too many companies, from major multinationals to small start-ups, fail to recognize the financial and legal risks they are taking—or the costs they may have already suffered unknowingly—by operating vulnerable networks...

...FBI agents are increasingly coming across data stolen from companies whose executives had no idea their systems had been accessed... "We have found their data in the middle of other investigations ... They are shocked and, in many cases, they've been breached for many months, in some cases years, which means that an adversary had full visibility into everything occurring on that network, potentially.'" --Devlin Barret, "U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War"

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