Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Beautiful: Chevy Volt Safety Issues 'May Have Been Suppressed' (plus, the Top 12 Chevy Volt Slogans!)

Gee, it seems so surprising that a government-owned auto company would use the instrumentalities of government to suppress safety findings.

Top 12 Chevy Volt Slogans

12. Fight global warming by driving an electric car that bursts into flames!
11. The money you will save at the pump helps you pay the deductible on your homeowners insurance.
10. If you have friends push it around while making ***vroom vroom*** noises, it's a lot like driving a car.
9. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil while reducing our garage to a pile of ashes.
8. We call it the “Volt” because the name "Chevy Coal" didn’t test well.
7. Ask us about our Sail option!
6. The Chevy Volt, the $41,000 before-tax-credit, four-seater that you might as well buy because you’re paying for it anyway car
5. Forward, into the futu-- AGGGHHH!!! AGGGHHH!!! PUT ME OUT!!! ROLL ME AROUND ON THE GROUND!!!
4. Got Squirrel?
3. The Kia of Golf Carts
2. I coulda had a V-8
1. Why pollute around you with exhaust when you can pollute far away with coal?
Following on from the announcement that GM is looking at redesigning the Chevrolet Volt’s lithium-ion battery system in the wake of several highly publicized fires resulting from test crashes, comes further news that both the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration delayed disclosure of their original findings by months.

Apparently, way back in June, General Motors heard about a Volt fire that happened three weeks after said vehicle was crash tested, yet it wasn’t until November that the company, or NHTSA disclosed there was a potential problem, urging both dealers and customers to drain the battery pack immediately following an accident.

As a result the public relations nightmare surrounding Chevy’s halo vehicle appears to be deepening, though a good deal of the blame in this case also rests with NHTSA.

Joan Claybrook, a former adminstrator at NHTSA believes part of the reason for the delay was the “fragility of Volt sales.” Yet she also believes that “NHTSA could have put out a consumer alert, not to tell them [customers] for six months makes no sense to me.”

GM designed a complex cooling system for the Volt’s lithium ion battery pack to help regulate its temperature (lithium-ion units are known for overheating), yet until July it hadn’t finalized a standard proceedure to power down the battery system, the Volt had already been on sale in the US for six months at that juncture.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, which crash tested a Volt back in February reported no incidents of fire as resulting from the accident, yet when a second crash test was performed in August, General Motors sent a technician to power down the battery.

General Motors is certainly blazing a path to a clean energy future!

Can I get a rim-shot?

Hat tips: Biff Spackle, IMAO, Michelle Malkin, The Other McCain, Cruze Forum and Greg Gutfeld.


Johan Galt said...

Can I trade a Cheby Voltron for a Ford Pinto?

Brian said...

The parallels with this car and the Obama Presidency are remarkable.

Obama canned GM's Rick Wagoner, then took over GM. The car came out priced at 45k and can't even match strides with a gas powered Elantra that costs 16k. The Elantra gets 40 MPG, is faster, roomier, and doesn't burst into flames.

The Volt look good but is a POS.

The President shares those same qualities.

Anonymous said...

Little Chevy Volt
You're really doin' fine
Two batteries and a plug in
And a 240 VAC line
Waiting for her to charge up now
Then drive her 40 mi-yi-yiles
C'mon and plug her in,
Charge her up, back her out!
Chevy Volt

Wa wa (Yeah yeah little Chevy Volt)
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wa wa wa wa wa wa (Yeah, yeah little Chevy Volt)
Wa Waaaa .. wa wa wa wa wa wa

You ought to see at the Starbuck's
And at the food co-op
That tiny carbon footprint
Gives her PC pop
More PC than the Prius
And the Volvos too, woo woo
C'mon and plug her in charge her up, BACK her out Chevy Volt

Wa Wa ......

Gonna save all my money
And buy a Chevy Volt
Get an outlet and extension
And I'll be ready to go
Take her out to the co-op
And let 'em know
That I'm the greenest dude around
Treehugger gonna shame you down
C'mon and plug her in, charge her up, BACK HER OUT!
Chevy Volt

wa wa (Yeah, yeah little Chevy Volt)

Call me Lennie

Jim - PRS said...

Nicely done, Lennie.

Anonymous said...

#2 should be #1


Anonymous said...

Should have called the car ...