Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's another Obama record! Feds run deficit for 38th straight month

Of course, when you blow $840 billion on a "Stimulus" package -- and then never pass another budget -- this news really can't come as much of a surprise.

The federal government ran a $139 billion deficit in November, marking the 38th straight month in the red, according to a preliminary estimate the Congressional Budget Office released Wednesday.

...That suggests the deals President Obama and Congress struck in April and again over the summer to limit spending are not having much effect in actually reducing outlays.

Interest payments on the debt continue to rise at the fastest rate of any category of spending, jumping 12.4 percent this year. Social Security and Medicare spending were also up.

Meanwhile, defense spending is down nearly 7 percent, driven by lower procurement. And spending on unemployment benefits is down markedly, nearly 26 percent lower at this point than it was last year. Education spending also has declined after the expiration of parts of Mr. Obama’s 2009 stimulus.

...The government hasn’t run a surplus since September 2008 [Bush!], just before the Wall Street collapse near the end of the Bush administration. That is by far the longest streak in records dating back to the 1980s. Before the current streak, the government had never gone an entire year without running a surplus in at least one month.

I have a few questions for John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and our other feckless GOP leaders.

How freaking hard is it for you to share the above chart, which depicts the Democrats' calamitous spending plans?

How hard is it to mention a shocking, double-digit rise in interest payments -- a sure recipe for disaster -- every time you open your mouths?

How hard is it for you to discuss this outrageous monthly deficit record in every single press conference?

Folks, if we don't elect the most conservative candidates possible in 2012, men and women who believe in and honor the Constitution, I fear the grand American experiment may be at its end. Not from Nazism, Communism, Islamism or any other external enemy, but from within -- at the hands of insidious counter-revolutionaries dedicated to dividing us by race, income, religion and class.


The Machiavellian said...

don't forget, that the CBO estimates usually fall a few billion short of the Treasury's released numbers.

Additionally, net interest on the debt rose by some $5 billion.

Robert said...

These scum who deceptively call themselves "democrats" are as close to Nazis as our nation has ever seen or been forced to endure.

Do of you won't call them Nazis, I certainly will.

National Socialists are the same regardless of the decade in which they happen to be operating.