Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Two Funniest Quotes From Climategate 2.0


Oh, my:

Tim Osborne 4007

Also we have applied a completely artificial adjustment to the data after 1960, so they look closer to observed temperatures than the tree-ring data actually were

Tim Osborne #2347

Also, we set all post-1960 values to missing in the MXD data set (due to decline), and the method will infill these, estimating them from the real temperatures – another way of “correcting” for the decline, though may be not defensible!

After these revelations, any member of the Leftist media that refers to a climate "denier" needs to do a mandatory, eight-hour documentary on the science of Alchemy.

Hat tip: Soylent Green (NSFW)


the botnet said...

Damned treemometers! It certainly seems the data the IPCC relied upon has been incriminated to the point the only people still purchasing the snake oil are probably still contributing to investment funds run by the firm Ponzi, Madoff, and Corzine.

To hell with the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Ponzi jiggered the numbers... he went to jail.

Madoff jiggered the numbers... he went to jail.

"Climate scientists" jiggered the numbers... may they suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Osborne is shockingly naive, even if they wrote in the numbers by hand the science journalists would defend it because that is their job as spokespeople for the environmental movement.