Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why Barack Obama Chose Osawatomie For His Speech Attacking Capitalism

The reactions to Barack Obama's speech in Osawatomie, Kansas this week were, if nothing else, consistent:

• It "sounded like what you'd expect to hear in Caracas or Buenos Aires."
• "Those who pride themselves on belonging to the party of smart people should be embarrassed."
• The speech "was deceitful, inaccurate, revisionist, and demagogic... a recreation, a fabrication if you will, of history, economics, and philosophy into a Pandoran construct of collectivist statism whereby society can demand the individual’s obedience and obeisance."
• The speech was "a thick coat of whitewash layered all over it, and the failure of the last three years lies underneath."
• The "elected president of the United States said in Osawatomie, Kansas, trying to be Teddy Roosevelt, that the United States of America has never worked. That is a quote, 'has never worked.'"
• A "Marxist attack on America."

Why did Obama choose, of all places, Osawatomie? One of the new media's living legends, Trevor Loudon, explains:

Why would Barack Obama choose to give a controversial speech attacking American capitalism in Osawatomie, Kansas? Hang on? Where have I heard that name before? Osawatomie? ...back in the ’70s? Weather Underground terrorists… Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn. Didn’t Obama used to hang out with those guys?

I remember! Osawatomie was the publication of the Weather Underground!

No, surely it's a coincidence...

I'm certain Mr. Loudon wrote that sentence with a wink at the end. The choice of Osawatomie was a signal, a coded message, a symbolic flag-raising for the progressive Left.

The Marxist class-warfare rhetoric, which divides one American against the other and which is utterly foreign to this nation, is going full-bore for the Obama reelection campaign. 2012 is our last chance to save this Republic from the Fabian counter revolution.

Update: Osawatomie: the Weather Underground newspaper


Reliapundit said...

and from the gramscian counter-cultural revolution, too.

Anonymous said...

Zombie wrote about that publication a few years ago, check it out, the post deserves a link, it has screen shots of Issue #1.

Matches Malone

Phil said...

Anonymous beat me to the punch!
Here's the link: