Saturday, December 10, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Paging Rick Moran: unwashed VISIGOTH ALERT!

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Paging Rick Moran: unwashed VISIGOTH ALERT!: ProWis
Whitewashing History, Obama Style: Foundry
Internal DOJ Email: Kagan Consulted on Obamacare Complaint: CNS

Despicable, Fringe Kook Ron Paul Echoes More Truther Crap: WZ
Obama, Romney Change Tacks in Week of Political Risks: RWN
Whoa: Army slashes 8,700 jobs as budget cuts kick in: Hot Air


The National Discussion We Must Have: Denninger
Bailout Total: $29.616 Trillion Dollars: Ritholtz
Inadvertent irony from #Occupy Newark: WyBlog

What Scholastic is teaching your kids about the Occupiers: Malkin
OWS vs. Unions: Longshoremen Reject Port Blockade: Tatler
House GOP releases payroll-tax package under Obama veto threat: Hill

Food Stamp Fraud Costing Taxpayers Billions: Foundry
McKinsey: If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can't Keep It: DC
Obama's thin gruel at Osawatomie: Barone

Gunrunner & Energygate

Rep. Sandy Adams Tears Into Eric Holder: Shark Tank
Holder Testimony: Issa Attacks, Dems Push Gun-Control: PJM
Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming: HE

Climate & Energy

Buy A Prius, Kill A Mexican: SHN
Climate changers game plan revealed: Surber
The Final Days of the Incandescent Light Bulb: EIB

Just In Time For Christmas, We Again Get The Debate On Which Tree Is More Globull Warming Compliant: RWN
Polar Bear Kills And Eats One Cub, Thereby Proving Globull Warming: RWN
Aptera Employees Destroy Futuristic Vehicles: ABC


JournOlism 101: A Day In The Life Of Politico’s Ben Smith: BigJourn
Hobbit purist extremist fringe wingnut talk radio kook challenges “conservatives” in legacy media: ProWis
How Blago got whacked (and Obama got away): Times

Rush: Quit taking Ron Paul seriously: Scoop
Does it matter if Herman Cain was completely innocent?: LegalIns
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Is The Only Right Choice For The 2012 GOP Nomination: Riehl

Is Obama's Intellect Stunted by Epistemic Closure?: Ace
Santorum on Hannity: RSM
Santorum Says Campaign 'Hitting Our Stride' in Iowa: RSM


Mexican Senator Demands Answers from Government on DEA Money Laundering: Borderland
House Report: Islamists Targeting U.S. Military (On U.S. Soil): HyScience
The Economic Crisis in the Palestinian Authority: MEMRI

How the U.S. Can Help Europe: Just Say No: WSJ
Britain Rejects New Treaty to ‘Save’ Euro: BigPeace
Egypt: “They Called Us Christian Sons of Dogs”: BigPeace


NASA's latest stunning images of sun (photos): CNet
Mythbusters’ Cannonball Map: PerceptionBuilder
HP tosses WebOS out of frying pan into the open-source fire: CNet


Photo Essay: Amazing Camouflage In Nature: TAB
Dreidle-Dee and Dreidle-Dumb: MOTUS
Fees Turn Teenager's $4.85 Savings Account Into A $229.10 Debt: Consumerist

Image: CNet
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QOTD: "There are no class distinctions in America. That’s why Steve Jobs could start an adopted child in a broken home, start Apple in a garage and become a billionaire eight times over. The real distinction here is caused by the rise of a new governing class of experts, bureaucrats and political elites who insist on ruling us to enforce “fairness” rather than letting us govern ourselves under the rule of law." --Matthew Spalding

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Could you inform Protein Wisdom that I can't access his site. At first (months ago) I couldn't click-thru a link to reach him, but I could get to his main site and access anything I wanted from there, but now I can't access his site with Opera (my usual), Firefox, or even IE. The problems seemed to start when he 1st went to that toolbar-windowbar-whateverbar. I think that both my Panda and AntiVir think that its a virus-trojan. Occasionally one or the other will warn me as I'm trying to access his site. With both of them telling me that, I won't disable them just to look at one site. So maybe you could inform him, since I can't get there to do it myself. I like Jeff's work (usually, LoL) and miss going there. Thx!