Monday, September 03, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: What would Obama do with another four years?

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What would Obama do with another four years?: Driscoll
Who’s Ready For Empty Chair Day?: Nice Deb
Convention Mash Up: PolWire

Forward: a Look Ahead to the DNC: RWN
Obamanation of the Day: Kimball
Why the Democratic Convention Plan Shows Obama Will Lose: BRubin

My kindhearted attempt to help that poor dear Kathleen Parker: ProWis
Inspiring, but not slick, Romney showed the right stuff: RWN
Golden State No Longer: My Escape from America's Greece: Hoffman


Inside America's Most Indebted City: Harrisburg, PA: Mish
Plouffe dodges ABC News 'Better Off Four Years Ago' Questions: NB
Federal Budget Visualized: MB

New Video of Obama Surfaces: Vindicates Ryan: Sooper
Is 11% This Election's Most Important Number?: ZH
One Picture: Your Choice in November: IMAO

Scandal Central

Why Democrats Fear Voter I.D. Laws: Babalu
Just in Time for the DNC: 30,000 Dead North Carolinians Registered to Vote: JWF
Elizabeth Warren, rather than firing thug staffer, lies and tries to cover it up: EBL

Europe's Eco-Fascism on Display: RWN
How feds' Arpaio case unraveled: AzCentral
John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley: Obama’s War On the Constitution: TruthOut

Climate & Energy

The Green War on the Poor: Zubrin
How California's Carbon Market Will Work: AtlCities
Tesla: Walking a tightrope with cash; stock is heavily shorted: Trading Floor


Why Does MSNBC Want to Go Backwards?: Foundry
GOP convention viewership down more than 40%?: Instapundit
Pics of the Day: Obama Sux and is Washed up: Nice Deb

President Empty Chair Awfully Critical of Convention He Didn’t Watch: JWF
You Want a Unity Speech? I'll Give You a Unity Speech: RSM
Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags': WS

Sandra Fluke Outed As Complete Tool of Corrupt Democrat Party Infanticide Industry: AmPower
Mark Levin: We need Todd Akin to beat Claire McCaskill and Karl Rove needs to shut the f up: Scoop
Doing just fine: Sand Obama intact despite rumors of demolition for ‘security reasons’: Twitchy


Time Exclusive: Obama bails on Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike: Riehl
Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death: Post
Machine Gun Preacher: Kesler

Wall Street Journal blasts Obama's attitude towards Israel: Hayom
Israel: Time’s Up: NoisyRm
Tunisia: Leave While You Can: JPress

SEAL Book No Easy Day Out 9-4-12: MagNote
Support Jewish Students at the University of California: Hoffman
Anchor dons hijab for 1st time on Egypt state TV: JPost


Congress members question Homeland Security over seized domains: Verge
Max Planck Institute sequences genome of Siberian girl from 80,000 years ago: Engadget
War-Droid: Smartphone app 'that could CALL IN drone strikes': Register


Rumor: Obamas Are Moving To Hawaii In January 2013: GWP
What the Hell is With the Tooters?: iOTW
Live Blogging Here At Zilla’s For The 2012 DNC Freak-show!: Zilla

Image: Ed Driscoll: Let It Go
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Happy National Empty Chair Day!

QOTD: "If you’re one of those leftists, unable to sort out how the world works nowadays and unable to win an honest debate with your political and intellectual opponents, it makes you very angry, and you lash out at them with a violence that often surprises observers who are less engaged in the political or intellectual wars. The left has died as an intellectual force worth taking seriously. Its mission belongs to another time. It is reduced to fighting for political power alone, and its weapons are what we recently called “the politics of personal destruction.” It’s the only way they can hope to win. None of us should be surprised when the leftists accuse the righties of pushing old women off of cliffs, or murdering cancer-afflicted employees, or waging war on women, and so forth. They have to destroy their opponents one by one. They no longer have a “movement” of any significance.

That’s what happens when you become an anachronism. For me, the greatest line of the week was Ryan’s, the one about the fading Obama poster on the wall of an unemployed young American.

Once upon a time, the left was able to lay claim to intellectual and moral superiority, and to look at the conservatives with imperious disdain. No more. Their heroes are fading to the point where a cultural icon, from Hollywood of all places, sees that the seat of authority is entirely empty, and that it’s time to just let its nominal occupant go. Away." --Michael Ledeen

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