Monday, September 24, 2012

Tammy Bruce Recaps Mitt Romney's Horrible, Horrible Week

Did I say "Mitt Romney"? My mistake. I meant "Barack Obama's stuttering cluster foxtrot of a miserable week." The highlights?

Historical Analysis Shows Every President Below 50% in Mid-September in the Gallup Poll Has Lost the Election... Obama at 48%.

Romney Beating Obama Among Middle Class Voters By 14 Point Margin

Highlight Reel from Obama’s Disastrous 60 Minutes Interview

Carney Asked Why Obama Has No Meetings At UN, Says He Has “No Details”

Los Angeles Times: Obama meets with ‘The View,’ no foreign leaders during U.N. assembly

Chuck Todd: “Odd” That Obama Won’t Meet With Foreign Leaders At UN

Axelrod Admits Obama Doesn’t Have a Plan to Keep Social Security from Going Broke

Obama’s Cutter: Women “Not Really Concerned” About “What’s Happened Over The Last Four Years”

Obama Campaign Finally Ditches Faux Flag

The fail is strong with this one.

Despite the best efforts of Sixties media, the hard-left Democrat Party is in full meltdown mode. The economy is a disaster and the Middle East is in flames. No amount of spin and cover-ups can prevent the truth from reaching the electorate.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


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The most pertinent of that chart is the stat from 1980 as this election atmosphere resembles our current election the most. A one-term failure of a democrat; the middle-east in utter chaos; the Accomplice Media polling numbers dead even ... and a 10% loss for Carter, formerly the worst president of my life.