Thursday, September 27, 2012

And now, a public service message from Obamaphone

The following is a public service message from ObamaPhone.

Yes, everybody in Cleveland who's a minority got an Obama phone!

Keep Obama in President, you know!

He gave us a phone!

He gonna do more!

You shine up, if you on food stamps, you on social security, you got low income, you disability...

Romney? He sucks! Bad.

For more more information about free government giveaways, visit And don't worry about who pays for it... that's for future generations to worry about!


Anonymous said...

I think we should offer things like this a free one way ticket to Africa and a matching set of luggage.

The Machiavellian said...

1. Property requirements of some sort to vote
2. Was that English?
3. Ignorance proudly displayed is the hallmark of leftism.

When Rush aired that this afternoon, I thought it was a parody and thought Rush had really crossed the line and stepped in it.

Turns out it was an actual Democrat in Ohio.

Can anyone look at that video and feel good about our nation?

We are outnumbered by the takers and I don't feel good about his election. Hope I'm wrong.

Oh, by the way, you fat broad, get a job!!!!!!!!!!

Steve in Grensboro said...

How does one "get" low income? I suppose if I was a lazy, toothless moron like this "woman", I would "get" low income too.

Anonymous said...

Living in north east Ohio with the likes of this person, has been a struggle. You can see why Ohio went blue in '08. There's a million or more just like her. Pathetic. Contribute nothing to society.

Anonymous said...

It's www.obamaphone.NET

I wonder if this female, like Peggy Joseph, no longer has to pay her mortgage or put gas in her hoopty since the Obamunist was elevated to office?


Anonymous said...

So is this similar the ObamaGun program?

A Fast and Furious supply of guns to thugs?