Saturday, September 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Benghazi Scandal Widens

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The Benghazi Scandal Widens: Hayward
The Polls’ History of Underestimating the GOP: Geraghty
Benghazi-gate: New Evidence White House Lied About Attacks: Breitbart

Media Has Manipulated Polling Since 1980: HillBuzz
Great Debate Questions: JRubin
Allen West kicks Patrick Murphy in the butt: Lane

BenghaziGate: President Obama Is A Lazy Liar: IBD
What the Hell Is Everybody So Scared Of?: Scoop
"Moderate" New Jersey Imam Calls for Blasphemy Law: IPT


California Debt Bigger Than Brazil, Mexico or India: Greenfield
Michelle Obama chows down on pizza as kids beg for more food: WZ
Did Flaws in Democratic System Cause Crisis?: CNBC

Obama - utterly indifferent to a sputtering economy: GayPatriot
Why Americans Won’t Invest in Themselves: Spengler
US spent 200 times more on Obamas than UK does on royalty: TAB

Gold Glitters: RWN
Top Five Worst Obamacare Taxes Coming in 2013: ATR
Obama Weekly Address: Hey, Let's Fix Housing Again!: RWN

Scandal Central

Treason at 1600: Obama denies airpower to U.S. forces in Afghanistan: Owens
Rep. Peter King: ‘Susan Rice Should Resign’: NRO
Obama Cabinet Biggest Violator of Public Records Laws: JW


The Normative Power of Law and the Emotional Power of Drama: Ace
Deafening silence about the Camp Bastion attack: Malkin
It's Over!: AT

NBC Caught Doctoring Audio Again: Ace
Leno: ‘We Wasted Four Years Waiting For Obama To Do Something About The Economy’: NB
Film claiming Obama's mother once posed for pornographic pictures is sent to a million swing voters: Daily Mail

Samuel L. Jackson fires the first shots in an American cultural civil war: WinterSoldier
ABC Reports White House Knew Terrorists Carried Out Libya Attack; NBC, CBS Out to Lunch: NB
James O’Keefe investigates the SEIU and political corruption: Scoop


Obama Continues To Align US With Islamists: Joint US-Egypt Naval War Games Scheduled: JoshuaPundit
Libya: The Timeline: NRO
Krauthammer Destroys The Obama Administration On Libya Lies: HayRide

Attn Liberals: This Is What Islamic Supremacism Looks Like: Cube
Obama Free On Day He Declined Netanyahu Meeting: Beacon
Skidmarks on China’s aircraft carrier?: DefTech

Obama speaks often but does little : AEI
Ex-Military Mock Obama For Spiking Football on Bin Laden With Toon: Breitbart
'Ridiculously photogenic Syrian soldier': A weapon of mass seduction: ForPol


All credit card PIN numbers in the World leaked”: DataGenetics
Facebook's MySpace Moment: Why Twitter Is Already Bigger Than Facebook: Forbes
Animals suspected in spread of new virus: ap


Free ObamaPhone: Facts and Fiction: Cube
One Hell of a Blown Call: Instapundit
One Of The 47%: Denny

Image: MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: Voter ID Laws Discriminate Against 'Transgender Americans'
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QOTD: "• Last summer, with our gargantuan debt approaching its legal limit, the debt ceiling, Congress and the president needed to reach a deal.
• Because this president wouldn’t budge upon his desire to raise taxes, the only compromise that could be reached was this “sequestration” nonsense.
• Sequestration is a terrible patchwork of a compromise, because it cuts defense so deeply it endangers the country, and what’s worse is that it was deliberately designed to be a terrible compromise, because the theory would be that it was so bad, it would force Congress and the president to get serious and come up with a better deal.
• Yet here we are, nearly a year and a half later, and there’s no better deal on the table. Obama’s been too busy golfing, going to fundraisers, and hanging around the couch with the ladies of The View, apparently.
• Sequestration could go away anytime this president got serious about cutting spending. It can also go away anytime a president-elect gets serious about cutting spending, too." --Jim Geraghty

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Bones said...

The MSM, including newspapers, are watching their ratings drop as the public becomes more aware of the bias. At some point, they may decide to return to honest journalism. They will find that its too late since all stories will have to be approved by government sensors.