Friday, September 28, 2012

GOOD NEWS: ABC and Univision Join Forces to Attack Immigration Law

It would seem that ABC and Univision have teamed up to -- wait for it -- keep an eye on law enforcement. In this case, the two channels are doing their level best to promote illegal immigration.

How? They've started by monitoring Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Long-term, they've said they intend to create a 24-hour channel. Short-term, they're documenting every move the Sheriff makes. It's for the children, I suppose.

Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio was denied an appeal yesterday that would have let his deputies take Arizona's SB 1070 a step further.

The "show me your papers" law says that police must first engage in a lawful stop -- broken tail light, reckless driving, whatever -- before they can start asking someone about immigration status. Arpaio's office was in court yesterday trying to skip the broken tail light phase and go straight to the "papers, please" part...

[However,] there has never been a finding by a court that Arpaio's office has racially profiled Latinos...

In related news, 50 convicted sex offenders, pedophiles, and other criminal aliens were just arrested by ICE.

The Obama strategy? Support unchecked illegal immigration, let unvetted aliens commit the most heinous of crimes, and only then try to find them.

So maybe it's not for the children.

Hat tip: J.T.

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