Sunday, September 16, 2012

OUTRAGE: But Hillary said they were taking him to the hospital: New Video Shows Crowd Cheering as Amb. Stevens is Dragged Through Streets

Breitbart relays a newly uploaded video that appears to show crowds cheering as the body of Ambassador Stevens is being dragged through the streets.

YouTube user "Abdalgadar Fadi" has uploaded a video on the arabic language version of the video sharing site purporting to show US Ambassador Christopher Stevens dragged from the consulate in Benghazi.

The translation of the text below the video reads: "Moment directed the U.S. ambassador before his death" and the headline translates to: “U.S. Ambassador and the people of Benghazi rescue attempt before his death.”

The victim in the video appears to be wearing the same pants, belt and t-shirt seen in this photo of Amb. Stevens.

The validity of the video and the accuracy of the description of the events it depicts are still under investigation, but through Twitter and Facebook the video has already taken a life of its own.

Developing... (John Sexton and Morgen Richmond contributed to this report)

Which represents another in a series of lies promulgated by this administration: "Hillary Clinton said Libyans tried to save Ambassador Steven’s life and brought him to a hospital."

The Independent said the Obama administration had 48 hours notice that the embassies in Cairo and Benghazi were targets but they did nothing to warn them or put them in lockdown. The attack might have been an inside job. [Update: 9/14: Jay Carney denied today that the U.S. had any knowledge of the upcoming attacks]

Documents revealing the names of Libyans working with the U.S. government were lost as well as information on oil contracts... One witness said that there were at least 400 of these violent protesters and nothing would have stopped them. Our State Department said there were 20.

Hillary Clinton said Libyans tried to save Ambassador Steven’s life and brought him to a hospital. There are conflicting reports about whether he was tortured or brought to the hospital to be rescued... Other reports say that Stevens went missing first and his corpse was later taken to the hospital with his body being returned at an airport 12 hours later.

...Information now leaking out points to the attacks being planned for the 9/11 anniversary... There were no U.S. military personnel at the Benghazi Embassy even though it had been attacked before.

But according to dinosaur media, it was Mitt Romney that had a really bad week.

Just to recap: this week, we discovered the president missed all of his intelligence briefings leading up to 9/11. He ignored multiple warnings of attacks on U.S. interests. The Ambassador to Libya and several other State Department personnel were subsequently murdered by Islamist terrorists and dragged through the streets. Dozens of U.S. embassies and consulates around the globe were targeted for attacks and protests, which are ongoing even today.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced more money-printing in the form of additional quantitative easing, after two bursts failed to spur an economy descending into an outright depression. The labor-force participation rate hit a 31-year low. And the U.S. just registered its fourth consecutive trillion-dollar deficit.

But it was Mitt Romney that had a bad week.

The good news: left-wing print media is bleeding out as we speak.

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