Friday, September 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Power, Revolution and the Arab Spring

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Power, Revolution and the Arab Spring: Michael's Comments
Un-mourned casualty of Obama’s bus: The First Amendment: Malkin
Part of White House Missile Defense System Completed: HillBuzz

If this UK story is true, Hillary Clinton should resign tonight: HayRide
US had 48 hour warning of Benghazi attacks, did nothing: Riehl
Why Mitt Will Win: Morris

Obama's Muslim Childhood: Pipes
The Hip-Hop President: All Swag, No Cattle: Malkin
Obama runs riot with facts on ally Egypt: Exam


Quantitative Easing, Weimar Edition: Zombie
What a $4 Trillion Fed Balance Sheet Means For Gold And Oil: ZH
Chicago Teachers’ Retirement Benefits Are Extravagant: Foundry

The Elephant in the Room: Douthat
Panic!: Mish
Why Obama is not concerned about the debt: IMAO

Scandal Central

OSC: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated Hatch Act: Politico
Obama's No. 3 Bundler Profits from Light-Bulb Regulations and Obamacare's Individual Mandate: Exam
Ohio Democratic Senator Using Antisemitism To Attack Jewish Opponent: Lid

Climate & Energy

EPA sends email to staff celebrating mass-murdering thug: NRO


Flashback: Major-party nominee uses war deaths to score political points: Hot Air
AP Seems Stunned That Yesterday’s Auction of ‘Ultra-safe’ Treasuries Didn’t Go Well: BizzyBlog
Liberals In Media Are An Embarrassment To America: Glob

From the increasingly brazen liars at the Associated Press: the Fact-less Fact-Check: S&L
Krauthammer: We're Seeing The "Collapse Of The Obama Policy On The Muslim World": RCP
Krauthammer’s Take on Hillary: ‘Meltdown at the State Department’: NRO

Pro-Obama media — so far beyond bad it’s almost indescribable.: LI
Steyn on Obama’s Las Vegas ‘performance’: ‘Every American should be ashamed of their president’: DC
Kate and William angered by 'grotesque' invasion of privacy: BBC


Administration officials: Romney was right, that statement from the Cairo embassy was awful: Hot Air
Bachmann says FBI agents watched over her shoulder: Exam
Obama’s Terror Touchdown Dance is Over: Commentary

NBC chief foreign correspondent blasts Obama’s “Egypt not an ally” statement: Hot Air
What Was Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize For?: S&L
Former SEALs confirmed as Libya attack victims: NavyTimes

Obama rebuffs Netanyahu, defines "red line" Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapon: TAB
Obama-backed UN “Human Rights” Council Facilitates US-bashing Meet : Bayefsky
Egypt intelligence warns of attacks on Israel, US embassies: JPost


Did a New Yorker Cartoonist Predict Today’s Apps in 2009?: Gizmodo
10 great places to forage for food: USA Today
Top-secret satellite is launched from Vandenberg: LAT


Reporting from the hive, or, “Did you hear what Romney said?”: MOTUS
The World's Worst Democrat Albums: Morlock Revolt
The Obama Library: ConservativeArt

Image: CBC Canada
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QOTD: "The idea that Romney is a cut-government-to-the-bone minarchist is based on a mix of unsubstantiated assertion, wild fantasy and guilt by association; you see, even if there’s no evidence that Romney’s a libertarian, he’s been captured by the heartless Tea Party types. Why, just look: He picked Paul Ryan, patron saint of the barbarian hordes, as his running mate.

It is a sign of what an unmitigated mess we are in as a country when Ryan is considered a heartless right-winger who wants to set old people adrift.

The famously heartless Ryan plan (moot now that he’s hitched his wagon to Romney’s) that supposedly slashes the budget doesn’t reach a projected balance until the year 2040 and increases spending over the next decade." --Jonah Goldberg

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