Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alternate Newsweek Cover

News to me:

In case you missed it somehow, I’m riffing on the Newsweek “Muslim Rage” cover, which annoyed some and amused some and disgusted others. Yes, that is speck of spittle in his beard. No, I did not P’shop it in...

...And before you get too complacent, First Worldies, I’m totally not kidding — the McRib has been rolled back to December. It was scheduled to go out in October.

Fortunately, the Baconator is still available at many Wendy's restaurants nationwide.


chunkdog said...

I doesn't look like spittle to me.
But it does look like a bodily fluid.

Cathymv said...

I had my first baconator last week, and I just wanted to know ... where have you been all my life baconator... where have you been!!!

The MUSEman said...

I'm guessing with the price of corn going up hog futures have also risen, so McDonalds couldn't get their cheap supply of pork for the 3rd qtr. Or, perhaps they're holding it for the 4th qtr, which has been slow for them during this "recovery".

BTW: You gotta try "Bacon Pop" microwave popcorn... not only is it de-li-ciious, but it imparts a nice bacon fragrance to the kitchen! It's tough to find, and expensive when you find it, but it's worth it.

Thanks for reading!