Saturday, September 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The part of Romney’s Tape the media isn’t playing

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The part of Romney’s Tape the media isn’t playing: NoisyRm
Obama learned of 9/11 attacks, went to bed: GWP
Romney Tax Returns Mock The Dems And The Media: JoshuaPundit

Vetting Obama: Erickson
Why Romney Will Romp over Obama in November: AT
The Progressive Project Has Failed: Elephant

The 12-Step Guide for the Recovering Obama Voter: PJM
Democrat Senator Nelson Avoids Debates, Connie Mack Pounces: Shark
On behalf of the Romneys, I demand Harry Reid Apologize: TAB

Romney will campaign in... Colorado: Breitbart
Romney agrees: Obama ‘can’t change Washington’: Hill
Dem registration down in key states: Politico


100 Days Until Taxmageddon: ATR
We Need A Startup President Who Knows How Jobs Are Created: IBD
4 Graphs Bernanke Doesn’t Want You to See: FreedomWorks

Terrorist Prof. Bill Ayers and Obama's Federal Schools: NoisyRm
After Obamacare, Is a Retirement Benefit Mandate Next?: FreeEnt
More unemployment statistics for dummies: JPA

Scandal Central

Obama Lied on Univison: F&F Not “Begun Under the Previous Administration”: Tapper
Well Done: Senate Conservatives Gather the Votes to Block Lame Duck Treaties: Foundry
Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?: AT

Climate & Energy

Are the Chevy Volt’s sales being inflated by “giveaway” leases?: Hot Air
Romney ads: Okay, if you want to talk about killing jobs, let’s talk about the war on coal: Hot Air


Presidential Races Can Look One Way Now but Much Differently on Election Day: AmPower
LA Times Fights Back: Why We Won't Release Obama's Khalidi Video: Breitbart
Oh dear: Joe Biden makes mind-blowing sexual gaffe about cheerleaders: Twitchy

What John McLaughlin Sees in the Polls Right Now: Geraghty
Univision Shows Up Mainstream Media In Obama Interview: IBD
Gallup: Americans’ distrust of the media hits a new high: Hot Air

Kirsten Powers: The media seems to be taking their orders from the Obama administration: Scoop
We’re Out of Patience and You’re Gone, Obama: MB
Study: 85 percent of Democrats suffering from serious mental issues: Jawa


Second anti-Israel term: ynet
White House narrative on Libya all but collapsed: Hot Air
Egypt intends to use chemical weapons in Sinai, says report: Times of Israel

Collapse of the Cairo Doctrine: Krauthammer
BBC Backs Down; Threats of Physical Violence: Gatestone
France bans protests over Prophet Mohammad cartoons: Reuters

Was Anything Obama Admin Said About Benghazi True?: Ricochet
IDF soldiers attacked on Egpyt border, kill 3 terrorists: JPost
The List of Things That Offend Muslims: Amboy Times

Turnabout Fair Play: Israel Demands Restitution of Jewish Land Confiscated by Arabs: Tatler
The U.S. Suffered Its Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam Last Week and No One Really Noticed: AtlWire
Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes: Telegraph


Google has a whopping 7,100 people working on Maps alone: BGR
Motorola Mobility (Google) Pokes Fun At Apple’s iOS 6 Maps With #iLost Hashtag: Crunch
“Metropolis” Programme, 1927: Retronaut


A Word to Rioting Muslims: iOTW
“Here, Hold My Beer And Watch This”: PeachPundit
Fundamentally transforming America: You can’t do that alone: MOTUS

Image: iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: America's Comeback Team

QOTD: "“The Democrats want to convince [these anti-Obama voters] falsely that Romney will lose to discourage them from voting. So they lobby the pollsters to weight their surveys to emulate the 2008 Democrat-heavy models. They are lobbying them now to affect early voting. IVR [Interactive Voice Response] polls are heavily weighted. You can weight to whatever result you want. Some polls have included sizable segments of voters who say they are ‘not enthusiastic’ to vote or non-voters to dilute Republicans. Major pollsters have samples with Republican affiliation in the 20 to 30 percent range, at such low levels not seen since the 1960s in states like Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and which then place Obama ahead. The intended effect is to suppress Republican turnout through media polling bias. We’ll see a lot more of this. Then there’s the debate between calling off a random-digit dial of phone exchanges vs. a known sample of actual registered voters. Most polls favoring Obama are random and not off the actual voter list. That’s too expensive” for some pollsters." --John McLaughlin

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